Thursday, July 31, 2008


"Daycare" was not what I wanted to do when I made the decision to stay home from work with my boys.  I knew that I was going to have to do something - I couldn't go from being the bread winner to being the bread eater.  I mean we wouldn't have the $1200.00 a month childcare bills but we still needed a place to live!  I was thinking about part time jobs at Principal and Starbucks.  There are 2 ends of the spectrum!  Then I thought - hmmm I wonder if Andy and Claudia would let me watch Miles.  There, problem solved.  Well, other people have gotten wind of my 'business' and now I am having to turn people down!!!  I am a little lazy sometimes and I don't know if I could handle a house full of children!  Anyway, I have decided to watch another little boy, Will.  He is 6 days younger than Bennett and his mom is a teacher I used to work with at the Downtown School.  He will be here on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of next week while his mom is in training and then start full time August 18th.  I am so excited.  They were here today for a play date and Will is just the sweetest little boy.  I can't wait to watch him and Bennett play together.  What fun it will be!  The family I had to turn down was another teacher from the Downtown School.  Her little boy Cole is 3 days older than Miles.  It would have been like taking care of 2 sets of twins less than 9 months apart AND Harrison.  Holy cow!  I know I could have done it and handled all of the work, I just worry that Harrison would have gotten the raw deal.  In my experiences with in-home child cares, older children get told no more often and are left to their own devices more often because the younger children need more attention.  This is so totally not true.  Older children need just as much attention, just a different kind and I know how easy it would be to just sit Harrison in front of the TV to pacify him while I tended to the younger children.

Anyway, Bennett has a horrible diaper rash.  He has had diarrhea now for 2 days.  At first I thought he had eaten too much watermelon and now I think he might have had too much apple juice.  I bought some yogurt at the store to see if we can't 'thicken' him up!  I don't think he is sick.  Diarrhea is the only symptom he has.  Nothing else.  He cries horribly when I change his diaper.  He has never really had a rash so this is his first experience.  From his screams I can tell you that it really hurts!  I think I put half a tube of Desitin on him before he went to bed tonight.  Poor fellow.

Harrison is so funny right now when it comes to adults.  He is getting really comfortable talking and hugging and playing with them.  He has only met Kari (Will's mom) twice and today, the second meeting, he was just so comfortable with her.  I feel that we are going to have to start talking about personal boundaries and being respectful of people's space.  He is such an in-your-face loving child, but it is starting to come off as annoying (in my opinion).  I still want him to be comfortable and loving, but I want him to also know how to be seen and not heard.  I know that is old fashioned and maybe out dated, but I really want to teach my children respect.  I am the mama lion and when I find you annoying I am going to growl and smack you with my big paw!  How's that for respect?!!!! :)

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