Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My boys

Miles can't crawl yet (he's a little young!) so he just lays around, plays and rolls over.  While he was lying on the floor today, Bennett came over and laid right down next to him.  I was commenting on how cute they were and taking their picture when Harrison comes over and lays down.  Can you believe I didn't stage that?!

Biker dudes!  Check out Harrison's license plate.  He got it from Nathan and Meredith last year and wanted to put it on his bike!
It was this hat or a John Deere one.  I decided to make Andy happy with the Hawkeye!  Miles loves to go on walks.  Oh - and I've decided that he doesn't need to be held all of the time but he does want attention all of the time.  He loves it when Harrison is making funny faces at him.  Giggle, giggle!

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