Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

I am a huge Twilight fan.  Enough said.

Harrison was watching the Today Show with me this morning and Taylor 'sooooooo cute' Lautner was on.  They were doing a preview of the movie and now Harrison is in love.  He HAS to go see the movie. 

"MOM!  He changed into a WOLF!  How did he do that?  Is he going to turn into a wolf in front of Matt (Lauer)?  Why did the other guy change into a wolf?  Why did he want to hurt Bella?  Will Jacob protect Bella or will the wolf hurt her?  MOM!  What else changes into wolves?"

We have been talking New Moon for the last 2 hours and I am getting tired of it.  And I never thought I would get tired of talking about the Twilight series!  It's just that Harrison can not get through his head that it is a story and not real!  We have been through this before with other shows and movies, but I think this is the first one he really wishes was real.  I guess I have to agree.  But I don't just wish.  I know Edward is real and he is coming for me.  We are in love.  Sweet, sweet, romantic, everlasting love...  Ahhhhhhhh...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Four Hour Naps

A couple of weeks ago, Bennett decided to take an almost 4 hour nap!  This just happened to be the day I had my camera out and got some great pics of Harrison, Annabelle, and Miles sitting on the couch.  Aren't they adorable?!?!

I think he's in love!

Miles seriously adores Harrison.  He is the one that is always saying 'Har-son!  Har-son!' when Harrison gets home from school!

LOOK at her cute smile!!!

Can't Decide

Harrison came home from school today raving about Indians.  Indians did this.  Indians did that.  Don't you like my cool Indian shirt I made?  Indians!  Indians!  Indians!  I am not sure what irritated me so much, but I mostly let it pass and said 'I am glad you are learning so much about Native Americans.'  The kid practically yelled at me!  "Mom! They are Indians!!!"

Well, this kind of set me off.  I was really perturbed at his teachers.  Indians is a very common name and many great books and stories tell great information about the Native Americans that proudly walked these lands.  BUT, isn't it just common knowledge to at least use both names?  Give a little explanation?  I think 4 and 5 years can understand these things!  

So that is what I did.  I explained to Harrison what Native American's were and how they got the nickname Indians.  I explained how the explorers were looking for the New World, etc, etc.  And no, I didn't mention that horrible person, Christopher Columbus!  History people!!!  Make sure you aren't sugar coating the truth!!!!

Anyway, I can't decide if I am going overboard with this or not.  I seemed to have turned out ok and I played Indians and Cowboys growing up (but only when I was at Chris and Dustin's house!!!).

Beautiful Bennett

Someday Bennett will be upset that I call him beautiful, but for now, that is just the way it is!  I just think his features are so delicate and perfect!  What can I say, I'm his mom!!!

Bennett continues his slapstick ways.  He is always finding a way to look a funny way or make a funny sound just to get a laugh out of somebody.  He also loves to laugh.  it probably isn't very nice or very good parenting, but sometimes when Bennett is mad about something Chris and/or I will tease him or tickle him.  He then goes from having a great big scowl on his face to a giggling laugh and then back again.  He tries to be mad even more that we are making him laugh, but that just makes him laugh again.  So funny to watch!  Bennett never really went through the terrible two's.  He had his moments, but for the most part he was a pretty happy boy.  (UPDATE:  I was watching Miles throw a fit and thrash himself around this morning and it reminded me of Bennett's head-banging days.  Oh the memories that we try to repress!!!)  Recently he has decided that now is the time to express his distaste with certain aspects of our parenting.  Such as - time to take a nap.  He goes to bed just fine.  Then he has to get up to tell me something.  Back to bed.  Up to ask me to kiss his finger.  Back to bed.  Up to get some more water.  Mom has had enough and says no.  Bennett chooses this time to scream at the tops of his lungs.  Little things like this happen through out the day.  Recently he has had to sit down for 2 minutes if he screams at Mommy.  This has helped tremendously, but has introduced the cutest little 'cross arms around chest and stick out bottom lip'  that I have ever seen.  Chris actually saw him do this the other day and couldn't help but laugh, which in turn made Bennett laugh.  He then scowled and crossed his arms again, but there was still a little smirk in his eyes! 

Handsome Harrison

Harrison continues to be a source of constant amazement for Chris and I.  He has a need to try out new words (as I assume many 4 and 5 year olds do) and it often surprises us to hear things like 'Mom, I know this is hard to believe but I find this distasteful' and 'Why does Bennett keep IRRITATING me!'  He also loves to tell jokes and make us laugh whenever he can.  His favorite joke right now is a repeat of one that he learned quite a while ago - Knock knock.  Who's there?  Ivan.  Ivan who?  I've been working on the railroad...  And he sings it so well!  The big news in the house these days is Harrison's 5th birthday.  So far he has wanted every toy that he has seen in the Sunday adds (except for Barbies - "Mom, do you really expect me to like those?!?!") and every toy and game he has seen on commercials.  We write everything down on a list.  It's getting a little long!  Harrison is having his first 'friend' party this year and he tried to invite 16 kids - "I suppose I could invite these 5 girls.  I mean I kinda like them even if they are girls!"  We narrowed the list down to 7 (2 girls even!).  It should be an exciting party! 

The many faces of my handsome Harrison.