Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Fall is most definitely in the air.  I made soup this weekend, leaves are piling up and we are in jeans, sweatshirts and flip-flops.  I love the changing seasons.

Bennett has been asking to go to the Sculpture Garden for a week or so and I told him we would go last Friday, but Harrison, Annabelle and Rocco were all sick.  I ended up taking Harrison to the doctor (he tested positive for strep) so I took AB and Roc upstairs to their doctor and they both tested positive as well!  It was a long afternoon.  Harrison was fading fast as his temp was climbing and Rocco had had enough!  Poor babies.

So, the Sculpture Garden was put off to today.  Emma was home with a cold and Annabelle had her 4 year old appointment, so it was just me and the boys after school.  We really had a blast.  The weather was perfect and the kids just ran and climbed (walls only!) and rolled down hills.  Parenting and co-parenting can be very hard, but really, there is nothing better than watching them be happy.