Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zoo Tots

The Blank Park Zoo offers mini-camps for toddlers ages 2 - 4 through-out the year.  They are 1 hour sessions planned around a theme.  Harrison went to 3 this spring and last Saturday was his last.  He let me take him this time (Dad had done the previous two) because Dad was taking him to baseball practice after Zoo Tots.  What is it with dad's???
Anyway, he had fun at Zoo Tots.  This is him with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  And the same teacher he had last winter/spring when he went.  I remember her thong and butt crack well.  She spends a lot of time bent over...  The dad's don't seem to mind, but I saw quite a few of the same dirty stares from the mom's.  Comical and inappropriate all in one.  

Speaking of Bennett - Harrison had his first baseball practice and Chris said it went great!  Harrison came home with a great big smile on his face and told me all about hitting the ball and meeting his team mates, one who is named Bennett.  "My brother's name is Bennett!"  He has one more practice this Saturday and then his first game on the 18th!  Can't wait!

Crap, I mean Croup

So the boys are sick.  Sunday night they both went to bed with mild, low grade fevers and they woke up with a nice cough.  I had been looking for this as it had been going around so I had Chris take them in right away Monday morning.  The doctor diagnosed both of them with the croup.  I was pretty sure that was what Harrison had, but I really only sent Bennett as a precaution.  But, they both had steroid treatments and thankfully their coughs stayed away from the classic seal-bark croup cough.

But, the fevers and the colds decided to come full steam.  Both boys fought a fever Monday and Tuesday.  Luckily, drugged on ibuprofen, they act almost completely normal!  Harrison had a horrible night last night.  He woke up saying that he felt like he was going to throw-up and he wanted his dad.  Thank goodness for that!  Chris and Harrison spent the night in the office!  I got the whole bed to myself!  YEAH!!  But, I guess, more importantly Harrison is feeling better today.

Bennett on the other hand came down with a horrible runny nose.  How anyone can have that much green ooze in their little 22 lb body is beyond me.  It is the worst right away in the morning and after nap, but still.  GROSS!  

I guess the bright side of this is that Bennett birthday is coming up and since they were sick this week, they should be healthy next week.  Maybe...

A Poem

Most of you know that my feelings for Ian, the boy I watch after school, are complicated.  Yesterday he almost made me cry.  Here is a copy of the poem he wrote in school.

Harrison and Bennett
by Ian Marron

Harrison and Bennett
Those reacals are my favorite
I go to their house every day
And play, play, play

Harrison and Bennett
I love to play with them every day
I go there 
I know a surprise awaits

Dedicated to Harrison, Bennett, Beth, Chris

He really is a sweet loving boy.  Sometimes he just refuses to show it!

Right now...

Right now...

Harrison loves mixing colors.  We have painted 3 or 4 times in the past week and each time he didn't want to 'paint' anything, he just wanted to mix colors.  He made green, brown, purple and lots of blue tones.  Each time he would just say how cool it was.   

Bennett loves make-up.  Bennett has been waking up at about the same time I put on my make-up in the morning.  So while I am putting on foundation, Bennett is putting on powder.  When he is all done he looks at me and say 'Pretty.'  What a great little girl!!!  And then when he is all done with that he says "Brush (pause) teeth!"  He is also into shutting doors all around the house.  And if you happen to be on the other side of said door, he waves at you and blows kisses at you while he shuts the door saying "Bye.  Bye."  Way cute.

Miles loves hugs and Maddie.  And sometimes both at the same time!  Maddie is his favorite.  She lets him do anything to her.  She has always been great with the kids but Miles is the first to really take to her.  And he hugs her and pets her and points at her and calls her 'dog.'  He also loves Harrison.  He gives Harrison hugs all of the time and his favorite part of the day is right after his nap when no one but he and Harrison are awake.  Harrison teases him, tickles him and generally just plays with him.  And Miles laughs and laughs and laughs!

Will loves drinking from a cup.  He gets so excited when I bring him a cup instead of a sippy cup.  And then his excitement causes him to drink to fast and choke on his water.  He then spills it all down his shirt and then looks up and smiles and does it all over again.  It is very cute!  He also loves to play 'Ready, Set, Go!'  He starts in the kitchen with his back to the wall and waits for me to say 'Ready, Set, Go!' and then he sprints into the living room, laughing and screaming all the way.  This always gets the other boys involved and soon we are having races in which no one wins because no one leaves at the same time!  Although Harrison is quick to say that he is the winner!

Right now, all my boys are just about perfect.  They make me laugh, they fascinate me with new things they learn and irritate me with their stubbornness!