Saturday, July 23, 2011


Two four year olds in a double bed. Two six year olds on the floor. One room... One dad... These are the minutes of their night.

8:15pm - in bed.

8:30 pm - First Kaitlyn gets up: "I need to go potty." Chris follows her in... In a whisper: "Can I have some privacy?"
Back to bed.

8:40pm - Second Harrison & James get up: Harrison - "I need to check my chore chart." This is random and odd. My opinion is that he is showing off! :)
Back to bed...

8:55pm - Third they ALL get up: James - "Bennett is flashing his flashlight in my eyes." Harrison: "Bennett is shining the flashlight in my eyes, too." Kaitlyn - "Uncle Chris, Bennett is shining the flashlight in my eyes, too. Chris: "Bennett?" Bennett: "Sorry..." Flashlight confiscated.
Back to bed...

9:10pm - Fourth Bennett gets up: "Kaitlyn is touching me."
Off to Mom and Dad's bed. "Is there music in here?" Smooth Jazz it is...

9:15pm - Fifth Bennett gets up: "The tv is moving." (The screen saver had come on...)
Back in bed...

9:30pm - SLEEP WINS

10:30pm - Bennett placed back into original bed.

10:35pm - Mom gets home, blogs and happily goes to bed knowing that she didn't have to deal with any of this!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite moments

Our Yellowstone vacation was wonderful. The campfires, s'mores, driving and amazing sights are forever etched in our memories. I picked my two favorite memories to share.

Walk with Harrison - Harrison and I took a walk, just the two of us, down to the lake and around to the marina. Thoughts on tracks and scat were discussed and mosquitos were run from. But I can't think of anything better than taking a walk with my 6 year old and him wanting to hold my hand.

On the "beach" with Bennett - Bennett had a long day and didn't want to 'take another hike!' I had a 'yes' moment and told him "OK, let's stay behind." Harrison said I missed the "AMAZING Mustard Geyser", but instead I got a creek-side comedy 1/2 hour. Bennett and I went to the van and got the picnic blanket and the bag of Lucky Charms. We set up our mini-picnic right next to a wonderful stream and I enjoyed the immense imagination that only my 4 year old can have. Rocks turned into geyser-making machines and Lucky Charms turned into bear traps. If I could bottle his imagination and 'Charm' I would be in a millionaire in an instant.

Yellowstone is a magical place. And I am one lucky mom.