Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A writer

Bennett came home from school and like everyday he emptied his bag.  Everyday there are at least 3 pictures that he has drawn at some point during the day.  They are often of trains, hills, rainbows, various people and of himself.  He loves to draw.  One thing that I have not been able to get him to do is write what he has drawn.  Spelling isn't important, but a label of some sort would be nice.  He had just not been interested.  Monday was different. Out of his bag he pulled 2 pieces of paper.  Both with WORDS!!!  And not just any words.  Cute, lovely words!

'My dad and I do yard work.'

'My mom likes her dad.'

On a side note, writing is very normal for kindergarteners at this stage and I am not going to push Bennett into something.  I want him to be happy and to enjoy writing.  I don't want it to feel like a punishment.  There are so many things he does better than others his own age and so many things he doesn't do as well as others. And I believe that is just how it should be.  He is not others, he is Bennett and we will go at his pace.  We will encourage, support, push when necessary and then celebrate the hard work.  Bennett, I am soooo celebrating your hard work!

Comparatively, it is very interesting how fluid his writing is compared to his brother's.  Bennett's writing is much more the style of his father and I's where-as Harrison's is much more in the style of his Uncle Nathan's!  :)


We don't seem to have birth-days around here if you are under 5 feet tall.  Instead we have birth-weeks.  Harrison's birthday party was on Saturday, but because I am a bit of a pushover, I said I could work Saturday morning because we had someone quit.  Not the end of the world, but I had to do a lot of prep work ahead of time.  And then I let Harrison go on Pinterest to pick out his own birthday cake which meant I needed to make a home-made cake.  Not sure what my thinking was on that decision.  It all turned out fine and we had a great time.  And the cake was even pretty good!

Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch

Ready to make his wish

Saturday was the party and a soccer game.  There were 14 people at the party and then almost everybody joined us for the soccer game; Gpa & Gma, Gpa & Gma, Uncle Ryan and a very beautiful and very pregnant Aunt Kaylee!  What an entourage!  His team even won (first win of the season) and Harrison scored two goals!  Dinner was BLT pizza from Happy Joe's.  Can't go wrong there!!

Proud owner of a brand new bike
Sunday was a trip to the store to buy a new bike!  Harrison was so cute as he picked out which bike he wanted and was very grateful.  Love... After a stop at Orange Leaf for a birthday treat, it was home to ride the bike.  Thank goodness for abnormally warm weather!!  The bike is just a hair tall, but he did great.  He picked out a bike with hand brakes and 7 speeds so the was a learning curve.  He did great.  How can they get this big?

Monday was the actual day.  What eight year old doesn't wake up and watch NFL highlights on a Monday morning?

The day started with M & M pancakes for breakfast, school, and then ended with Jimmy John's for dinner.  It had been a busy day, (like most days) and I was getting ready to leave for work.  Chris was home so I was telling him about Eleanor's day (while Eleanor decided it was time to start fussing), Bennett was showing us some awesome drawings (more about ths in the next post!) and Harrison was bouncing a ball all over, just generally being loud.  So just before leaving for work I exclaimed "I need a vacation on a Caribbean Island, far, far away.". Showing that his talent for quick-witted comments didn't get lost when he turned eight Harrison said: "Um, no.  All you NEED is us.".  

Happy Birthday, wonderful, smart, witty, handsome Harrison.