Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too Much Work and TV

Depending on the week I work 4 or 5 of the evenings.  This puts Christopher in charge of bath and bed.  Not a big deal.  Just the way it is.  But lately, even on my evenings home, bath and bed have still been Christopher's responsibility.  And if Bennett had his way, I wouldn't even be allowed to come close to the hallway during the whole process. 

Bennett has come to expect that Dad is in charge of this time of day.  If I initiate the process by saying 'Time for bath!' he will run to Christopher and say "No!  Daddy do it!"  I am fairly use to this as Harrison went through a similar stage where Daddy had to get him out of the car, help him get his coat on, read to him, etc.  But last night took a different turn when I went in for a good night kiss and Bennett said "No Swiper!  No swiping!"  Swiper is a fox on the show Dora the Explorer and he always gets in trouble for stealing things.  Dora and her friends say "Swiper, no swiping!  Swiper. no swiping!  Swiper, no swiping!" and then Swiper says "Oh, man!"  So I tried not to look hurt and I said "Oh man!" and went in for the kiss anyway.  It didn't work.  I got yelled at again and pushed away.  I gave him a big sad face and said that I wasn't stealing kisses and that I ALWAYS get good night kisses and gave him one anyway.  

Later all was redeemed when Bennett got out of bed and came into my bed to say 'I love you!'  I might have let him stay waaaay longer than I should have, but it was worth it! :)


I have said it before and I will say it again - If Harrison lives to see his teenage years (where he will probably drive me legally insane) I will be amazed.  And the reason that he won't see his teenage years; I am going to strangle him!

Case in point -  we are watching Cars today.  Christopher and I think little Guido is a very cute character.  We often shout "PIT-STOP!" during the show.  We paused the show to have lunch and I walked into the kitchen and said "PIT-STOP!" for no real reason, but Chris and I giggled.  Harrison took it upon himself to suggest that I be quiet.  I was so loud he was having trouble hearing himself think.  Now while this may seem cute to the average reader, it is not.  His smart mouth is going to get me in trouble with DHS.  

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waaaay back

I sing name songs to the kids.  My parents started this back when Harrison was 1 or 2.  I don't know the tune that Harrison's name song goes to, but it is pretty basic: H-A-double R-I(pause)-S-O-N spells Harrison!  Bennett's is basically the same except we say all of the letters instead of saying double N.  It took Harrison forever to realize that he had 2 R's in his name not a "double R" in his name!

Anyway, Miles and Caden's names are sung to the tune of Bingo.  So today when I was singing Miles his song, Harrison commented that everyone had a song but him.  I looked at him funny and told him that he had the first name song.  He looked perplexed but then realized that this was the truth.  His next statement made me laugh and realize how hard he is trying to understand time frames.  "Oh!  Yeah!  That was like back in the 40's.  It was the 40's, right?"  I laughed and told him no, it was not, but that was funny.  We discussed when it actually was and he giggled and we moved on.  What a funny kid!

Harrison has seriously been obsessed with the year change.  He is constantly referring back to 2009 like it was another era.  "Mom, back in 2009, do you remember..."  Things like this are always coming out of his mouth.  I got a calendar and put it on the wall and hopefully we will be able to put everything in perspective for him.

I still don't know where the 40's came from!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He's trying

"Oh no!  Annabelt.  Honey, don't cry.  Bef bringing you milk.  No.  No.  Don't cry little Annabelt.  Uggggggggg!  MOM!  ANNABELT CRYING!!!!!"

This was Bennett's conversation with Annabelle this morning.  Such a sweet boy! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Weak Stomach

You know how you take a perfectly healthy child to the doctor for a check up and they end up getting sick?  That happened to poor Harrison yesterday.

Harrison's 5 year old  check up was great.  He is 37.6 lbs which puts him in the 22nd percentile and 3' 6" which puts him in the 45th percentile.  45th percentile is higher than he has ever been!  I guess he might be taller than me after all!  The rest of the check up went smooth as well.  He is developing perfectly.  Then it was time for the flu shots and hemaglobin test.  Bennett came along to get his H1N1 shot as well.  I elected that he would go first.  No problems.  A little squeal and mean look at the nurse with a "That hurt me!" and he was done.  Now Harrison's turn.  He was old enough for the flu mist but was still a little nervous.  "Mom.  Really.  I'm nervous.  What will it feel like?"  The nurse was great.  Two sniffs and it was over.  Then I broke the news that they were going to prick his finger for the blood test.  Alarm bells went off in his pretty little head.  But, again, the nurse was great.  She grabbed his finger and it was over with.  He barely felt it.  I didn't want him to have the same irrational fears that I do so I encouraged him to look at what she was doing.  He seemed ok with this and then we were done.  Quick band-aid and he got dressed.  Out to pay the bill and get stickers and then to the waiting room to get coats.  This is the part I would change if I could.  Harrison got white as a sheet and complained that he felt like he had to throw up.  I let him sit on a chair while I got Bennett and myself bundled up.  Then I let him sit a couple more minutes till I thought he got his color back.  (Next time - he gets to lie down and breath deeply for as long as it takes!!!!)  When I thought he was ready and he told me that he felt better, he got his coat on and we headed out.  There is a long hallway to the parking garage and about 3/4 of the way there he lost his breakfast all down the front of himself and on the carpet.  Then he threw up a whole lot more in my hands.  GROSS!!!!  Luckily we were right next to the attendants station and they were able to bring some paper towels and the trash can.  After getting him cleaned up (and myself, GROSS!!!!) we headed back to the doctor's office.  They have never had anyone throw up right after taking the flu mist.  There have been cases where people get sick 24 hours later (it is a live virus, after all) but never right after.  So we are left with the conclusion that he has the same weak stomach that his mommy has.  I HATE TO GIVE BLOOD!!!  While pregnant they always took special care to lay me down and get me a towel before they started so I wouldn't pass out (which has happened before...).  Anyway, I don't know what we will do with him the next time he has to give blood but we will be prepared!  Silly weakling!

Friday, January 1, 2010


We have been at mom and dad's off and on the last week.  With Nathan, Meredith and kids in town it means a little extra travel and a lot of extra love!  

I was sitting on the couch when Bennett came running from the stairs.  "I scared!!!  Mommy, I scared!!"  I knew Meredith was right behind him and I had a hunch as to his needless fear, but I asked anyway.  "What are you scared of honey?"  His response: "Aunt Meredith!"  My response (while giggling): "Oh, honey.  Why are you scared of Aunt Meredith?  She's nice.  I love her!"  His response:  "She's a lion!"

Meredith decided maybe she would redo her hair.  LOL!!!