Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

The quote of the day goes to Nathan:

"Bennett, please stop licking the furniture."

Friday, December 4, 2009


First I will tell you about Thing One and Thing Two.  They are inseparable.  They are dangerously funny.  They are better known as Bennett and Caden.

I can't begin to tell you all of the things that they do on a daily basis.  They read together, play cars together, potty together, get into trouble together and play sleep together.  Sleep is one of the cutest games I have ever seen.  AND, they made it up all on their own.  The gist is that they gather their belongings - blankets, pillows, boppys, etc - and get into Annabelle's pack-n-play.  One sleeps up in the changing table part and one sleeps down on the bed.  Since the pack-n-play is located at the end of Bennett's bed it is really easy for them to get into the pack-n-play.  They they get covered up, lights off and all cozy.  Sometimes they pretend to snore.  Then all of the sudden they wake up and come running to me for candy.  I pretend to pull candy out of my pocket and give it to them.  Then they repeat the cycle all over again.  Hysterical!  I really don't know where the candy thing came from but on a side note, Miles got the saddest look on his face the first time the other boys did this.  He asked for a piece of candy too and when I handed it to him he was the saddest toddler I had ever seen!

I was making lunch today and this was the conversation I heard over the monitor:

Caden:  "NO!  NO!  No, don't play with that BLANKET, Bennett!"

Bennett:  "Don't yell at me, please."

C:  "Oh.  O.K.  Please don't play with that blanket."

B:  "O.K.  I use this one?"  

C:  "Yeah!"

B:  "YEY!"

C:  "YEY!"

And then they went on playing their sleep game.  I love that they get along so well.  Now if only Harrison and Bennett would get along that well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old MacDonald

Bennett and I went birthday shopping for Harrison last night.  One of the ways that I got him to go with me is by telling him I would take him out to eat.  This is a sure fire way to get either of my kids in the car.  When Harrison hears 'out to eat' he thinks 'TOY!'  When Bennett hears 'out to eat' he thinks 'FRIES!!!!'  So when I had the audacity to stop at not one, but TWO stores before I took him 'out to eat' he let me hear about it.  

From the back seat:  "MOM!!  I want chicken, fries and LEMONADE!!!"

He said this to me just as we were pulling into Target (which by the way, my super 2 year old can read!  He said "Look!  An 'S'!  We at Super Target!"  He's a genius. Or we spend too much time at Target.  I am voting genius!).  This particular Target had no food court so he was a little bummed.  But, once I told him we were going to the toy section he perked right up.  This is when I got the biggest hug and best kiss.  I didn't even have to ask!!!  

Shopping done, we were off to find food.  Ever since I was pregnant with Harrison I have not been able to stomach fast food very well.  Sometimes I can do the chicken options, but NEVER the hamburgers.  And I have tried!  One of my favorite things in college was a Big Mac.  Just writing it I am having a craving!  But, the impending stomach ache and general 'feeling like shit' keep me away.  

Now, Arby's isn't really fast food.  It's just plain good!  I didn't tell Bennett where we were going, I just told him we were here.  So standing in front of the cash register waiting to order he asks me "Are we at Old MacDonalds?"  The lady behind the counter snickered and I told Bennett that we were at Arby's.  "They have fries?" he asked so innocent and sweet.  "Yes, honey." I said with a smile while he danced in a circle.  

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

I am a huge Twilight fan.  Enough said.

Harrison was watching the Today Show with me this morning and Taylor 'sooooooo cute' Lautner was on.  They were doing a preview of the movie and now Harrison is in love.  He HAS to go see the movie. 

"MOM!  He changed into a WOLF!  How did he do that?  Is he going to turn into a wolf in front of Matt (Lauer)?  Why did the other guy change into a wolf?  Why did he want to hurt Bella?  Will Jacob protect Bella or will the wolf hurt her?  MOM!  What else changes into wolves?"

We have been talking New Moon for the last 2 hours and I am getting tired of it.  And I never thought I would get tired of talking about the Twilight series!  It's just that Harrison can not get through his head that it is a story and not real!  We have been through this before with other shows and movies, but I think this is the first one he really wishes was real.  I guess I have to agree.  But I don't just wish.  I know Edward is real and he is coming for me.  We are in love.  Sweet, sweet, romantic, everlasting love...  Ahhhhhhhh...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Four Hour Naps

A couple of weeks ago, Bennett decided to take an almost 4 hour nap!  This just happened to be the day I had my camera out and got some great pics of Harrison, Annabelle, and Miles sitting on the couch.  Aren't they adorable?!?!

I think he's in love!

Miles seriously adores Harrison.  He is the one that is always saying 'Har-son!  Har-son!' when Harrison gets home from school!

LOOK at her cute smile!!!

Can't Decide

Harrison came home from school today raving about Indians.  Indians did this.  Indians did that.  Don't you like my cool Indian shirt I made?  Indians!  Indians!  Indians!  I am not sure what irritated me so much, but I mostly let it pass and said 'I am glad you are learning so much about Native Americans.'  The kid practically yelled at me!  "Mom! They are Indians!!!"

Well, this kind of set me off.  I was really perturbed at his teachers.  Indians is a very common name and many great books and stories tell great information about the Native Americans that proudly walked these lands.  BUT, isn't it just common knowledge to at least use both names?  Give a little explanation?  I think 4 and 5 years can understand these things!  

So that is what I did.  I explained to Harrison what Native American's were and how they got the nickname Indians.  I explained how the explorers were looking for the New World, etc, etc.  And no, I didn't mention that horrible person, Christopher Columbus!  History people!!!  Make sure you aren't sugar coating the truth!!!!

Anyway, I can't decide if I am going overboard with this or not.  I seemed to have turned out ok and I played Indians and Cowboys growing up (but only when I was at Chris and Dustin's house!!!).

Beautiful Bennett

Someday Bennett will be upset that I call him beautiful, but for now, that is just the way it is!  I just think his features are so delicate and perfect!  What can I say, I'm his mom!!!

Bennett continues his slapstick ways.  He is always finding a way to look a funny way or make a funny sound just to get a laugh out of somebody.  He also loves to laugh.  it probably isn't very nice or very good parenting, but sometimes when Bennett is mad about something Chris and/or I will tease him or tickle him.  He then goes from having a great big scowl on his face to a giggling laugh and then back again.  He tries to be mad even more that we are making him laugh, but that just makes him laugh again.  So funny to watch!  Bennett never really went through the terrible two's.  He had his moments, but for the most part he was a pretty happy boy.  (UPDATE:  I was watching Miles throw a fit and thrash himself around this morning and it reminded me of Bennett's head-banging days.  Oh the memories that we try to repress!!!)  Recently he has decided that now is the time to express his distaste with certain aspects of our parenting.  Such as - time to take a nap.  He goes to bed just fine.  Then he has to get up to tell me something.  Back to bed.  Up to ask me to kiss his finger.  Back to bed.  Up to get some more water.  Mom has had enough and says no.  Bennett chooses this time to scream at the tops of his lungs.  Little things like this happen through out the day.  Recently he has had to sit down for 2 minutes if he screams at Mommy.  This has helped tremendously, but has introduced the cutest little 'cross arms around chest and stick out bottom lip'  that I have ever seen.  Chris actually saw him do this the other day and couldn't help but laugh, which in turn made Bennett laugh.  He then scowled and crossed his arms again, but there was still a little smirk in his eyes! 

Handsome Harrison

Harrison continues to be a source of constant amazement for Chris and I.  He has a need to try out new words (as I assume many 4 and 5 year olds do) and it often surprises us to hear things like 'Mom, I know this is hard to believe but I find this distasteful' and 'Why does Bennett keep IRRITATING me!'  He also loves to tell jokes and make us laugh whenever he can.  His favorite joke right now is a repeat of one that he learned quite a while ago - Knock knock.  Who's there?  Ivan.  Ivan who?  I've been working on the railroad...  And he sings it so well!  The big news in the house these days is Harrison's 5th birthday.  So far he has wanted every toy that he has seen in the Sunday adds (except for Barbies - "Mom, do you really expect me to like those?!?!") and every toy and game he has seen on commercials.  We write everything down on a list.  It's getting a little long!  Harrison is having his first 'friend' party this year and he tried to invite 16 kids - "I suppose I could invite these 5 girls.  I mean I kinda like them even if they are girls!"  We narrowed the list down to 7 (2 girls even!).  It should be an exciting party! 

The many faces of my handsome Harrison.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween robots!

"I made scary ghosts, Daddy!"  ~ Caden

Shape Scarecrows

Black cat from a birthday party Harrison went to.

Sandpaper Pumpkin - Harrison cut out everything himself (except the stem)!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Is she American?!?!

This is the out-of-the blue conversation I just had with Harrison.

H:  "Mom, when you voted, like Daddy, did you vote for Barack Obama?"

Me:  "Yes, Harrison, I did."

H:  "You did?!?!  Cool.  (thinking)  Who voted for Mr. McCain?"

Me:  "Republicans and people who agreed with his opinions."

H:  "Oh"

Me:  "Aunt Meredith voted for McCain."

H:  "WHAT?  She did?  (thinking)  Is she American?!?!

I love this kid.  He is awesome!


I had put the monitors away awhile ago.  I think about the time Miles started taking only one nap.  Anyway, I have gotten them back out for our precious Belle and they have been a source of daily entertainment for me.  When Annabelle wakes up and Bennett hears her on the monitor, he goes over to listen.  Sometimes he says "It's ok baby Annabelle." and just yesterday I caught Bennett and Caden standing in front of the monitor with their finger in front of their mouths going "Shhhh!  Shhhh!  Calm down, Annabelle." I am sure they don't know that she can't hear them and I am in no hurry to explain this.  It was hysterical!

When Annabelle and Bennett are in their at the same time, it is fun to listen to Bennett.  He talks to himself forever before falling asleep.  "I like water."  "Daddy, I love you!"  "I want chicken."  I like rice."  Very bizarre and very funny!  We have recently had an issue with Douglas and biting.  Two or three times, Bennett has come up to me, crying, saying that Douglas has bit him (he's a blanket dog, remember!).  The first time Bennett told me this I played along real well and 'talked' to Douglas about using words.  The second time Bennett told me this he decided to take matters into his own hands.  He yelled "NO BITING, Douglas!" and then he smacked him right in the head!  I was horrified!  We didn't cover hitting Douglas in our last talk about biting!  Then I had to have a talk with Bennett about using our words!  So on Monday I wasn't terribly surprised to hear this over the monitor:  "Owww!!  NO biting, Douglas!  I use my words and you NO bite!"  

I'm just so proud.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Introducing Annabelle Jane

Annabelle started coming to the house a couple of weeks ago and she has been a joy to have.  So far her likes are eating, being held and sleeping.  And not in that order.  She is a really good sleeper!  I just worry that she won't sleep for her mommy at home during the night, but so far that has not been the case.  Here are couple of pictures from the past week.

Pick me up!!!! 
Oh.  You're not going to pick me up?

Then I will become interested in my play gym.  

My brother LOVES me!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Living History Farms

I have to work on Friday night (Beggar's Night) so we went over to Living History Farms tonight so I wouldn't miss out on all of the trick-or-treat fun.

Harrison was a skeleton and got a lot of "That candy is going to fall right through your bones!  HAHAHA" from all of the volunteers.   He had no idea what to think of that so he just basically ignored it and went right for the candy!

Bennett was a baseball player and very proud of himself.  He HAD to carry a bat, ball, and glove.  After 2 minutes, Mom and Dad were carrying a bat, ball and glove!  Go figure!  

He is the slowest child I know!  Look how far in front Harrison is!  And Harrison wasn't really running!

"Horses pulled me on a wagon!"  ~ Bennett  

Harrison thought it was really cool that the gazebo was dressed up like a witch!

Oh my!  What a big pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!

Not My Boys

Caden and Miles stole my hearts today.  Here are a couple of stories about the cuties!

As lunch was wrapping up today, I said my usual 'We'll play trucks for 5 minutes, read a book and then it's nap-time' speil and Caden got a thoughtful look on his face.


"Yes, Caden."

"Um.  At my house, when the moon is out, we take a nap."

"Oh yeah."

"Well, since the moon isn't out yet today, it's not really nap-time."

Clever little guy, isn't he?!?!  "Well Caden, that is when you take your night time nap.  When you to sleep at night.  This is your day time nap."

"Oh."  And the poor guy had a bit of a dejected look on his face!  He thought he could pull one over on old Beth!

Miles woke up from his nap in a great mood today.  And this is not usual.  For whatever reason he is a bit of a crab when he gets up from his nap.  Regardless, today Annabelle and I went in to get him out of bed and he was all to happy to stay in bed!  So Annabelle and I sat on the side of my bed while Miles showed off in his pack and play.  I put Annabelle over the side of the crib and I said "Wanna hug Annabelle?"  This is usually a sure yes!  He loves her!  But this time he turned away and dropped to his belly laughing.  This got me laughing which in turn got him showing off more by throwing himself around the pack and play.  I thought for sure he was going to bang his head on the wall!  We went through this same scenario 3 more times.  He was laughing so hard and I was just looking at him thinking 'Oh, he's changing!  He's growing up and acting like a big boy!  STOP!'  So fun!

Sandpaper Pumpkins

I saw this totally cute craft the other day at No Time for Flash Cards and I knew the boys would love it!  Since it involved finger painting and Annabelle was at her 8 week well baby appointment, we decided to get messy!  And what fun it was!

Harrison has recently been paying attention to a lot of details in his art and drawing.  He is staying in the lines and taking his time.  And he has been very proud of his accomplishments.  I didn't push this on him as I wanted him to discover his own style of art, but I am a little happy that he has stopped scribbling on everything and saying he CAN'T draw!  

Miles had a ball with the finger painting.  It was so cute watching him paint and then rub his hands together.  He loved looking at his fingers while rubbing them together.  I love when a sensory activity comes together!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bennett loves baby Annabelle

Back at it today.  House full of kids.  It really is amazing how the whole day works and I don't lose my mind.  I even had 1 kid in preschool and 4 kids sleeping this afternoon!  How cool is that?!?!  

Bennett is a bit enamored with Annabelle.  He thinks she is the cutest (don't we all!).  Usually the kids are really good at leaving her alone.  I can walk into the kitchen and not worry that she will be attacked (unless by Miles and his relentless kisses!).  But today when I was bringing water out to everyone I caught my love bug Bennett pulling Annabelle, ever so gently, out from under her play gym.  I asked him what he was doing and he said "I hold baby Annabelle."  Melt my heart.  While we had a conversation about how he could hold Annabelle, while I was there to pick her up, etc he looked at me and absent-mindedly 'petted' Annabelle.  It was adorable!

By the way - we are going to work on the baby Annabelle thing.  While I think it is cute that my boys call her that, I don't think she will appreciate being called baby Annabelle by her cousins for the rest of her life!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghost feet

Another day in paradise here at the Neipert ranch.  Bennett got an ear infection this weekend so Saturday night was a blast for us.  He has had a small runny nose since Tuesday, and a slight temp Wednesday before nap, but no other signs.  My parents were here for dinner Saturday evening and Bennett was in perfect health.  So when he woke up around midnight screaming and crying and sticking his finger in his ear, I was a little shocked.    He and Chris spent the night in the living room on couch cushions arranged on the floor until 7:00 am when Bennett repeated the screaming, crying and sticking his finger in his ear (Harrison was not impressed with the couch cushions.  He seemed to think that looked like fun and he missed out!).  I gave Bennett some more medicine and stuck him in bed with me.  How I fell asleep, I do not know, but when I woke up at 8:30 am I knew my day was shot.  Not only was I missing church, but I would spend almost 2 hours in the walk-in clinic before going home to leave again for work.  Yeah!  What a weekend!  Regardless, Bennett is fine.  It is amazing what antibiotics will do.

Miles and Annabelle stayed home today as they are running fevers with their new found runny noses.  (I guess Bennett likes to share!)  So it was just the three boys today.  We did some drawing and made some funny ghosts with our feet.  Harrison went first and as I painted his feet Caden started to look terrified.  Harrison was being a little dramatic and funny and saying the it was scary!  Caden decided that he wanted nothing to do with scary!  So next went Bennett who laughed the entire time.  "It tickles!  I tickles!"  This was the turn around that Caden needed and then he decided to give it a try.  He giggled as I tickled his feet with the paint as well!  It was too cute!

Overall great day, now off to work!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


All the kids were in bed (Annabelle is a baby, she doesn't count!) except Bennett.  He has recently learned how to open his bedroom door and his new way of procrastinating is by coming out of his room to have injured body parts kissed.  "I hurt my finger, Mama."  "I hurt my knee, Mama."  Etc, etc.  So today was no different.  He did this a couple of times and I told him in no uncertain terms that he was going to the naughty spot if he didn't stay in bed.  I thought this was working.  I could hear him through the monitor and he was babbling on about something.  I heard my name a couple of times, but nothing I was going to go in for.  Until "HELP ME MOMMY!"  I set Annabelle down and headed to the bedroom.  I walked in to find Bennett in the pack and play.  He looked at me and said "I stuck."  Yes.  Yes he was stuck.  He had gotten himself into the pack and play that is set up for Annabelle, which means I have the insert in it so that she is higher up than normal.  WHY DOES HE DO THIS!!!!!  Just go to sleep!  That is all I ask!!!!  I mean, really, it is going to be 3:00 and all the other kids are going to be up and he is going to sleep until 4:00!  What a peanut!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taken Care of

"Mom, like maybe, someday, I mean, I will give you and Dad some of my cash because, you know, you don't have very much cash.  But, I will wait.  I mean, not right now I won't give it to you, but maybe later."  ~ Harrison

It's like he has been reading my diary and knows why I had kids!

Monday, October 12, 2009

We love Marc

There is a precious rope that you walk on when it comes to children's art work.  You don't want to say "Oh look!  I love the cute puppy that you drew!" only to be looked at with big puppy dog eyes and the response "But Mom.  It's a scary bear eating a wolf!  I can't believe you thought it was a puppy!"  (This exact story happened once to one of my families back at the Downtown School!)  So when Harrison brought this wonderful drawing home from Sunday School a couple of weeks ago, I said "Oh look!  You drew our family!" and then while speaking I did the math and realized I needed Harrison to tell me about the picture instead of me telling him about the picture.

I mean look!  Isn't it wonderful?  I was so proud.  Harrison is usually a scribbler and not very interested in drawing actual things.  And here he has drawn PEOPLE!  After my initial enthusiasm and joy, I tried to maintain excitement for his drawing and calmly asked him to tell me about it.  He said:

"This is me.  This is Daddy.  This is you.  This is Marc.  And this is Bennett.  Isn't it great?!?!"

So it was his family plus an extended family member.  It was great, but Marc?  I was pretty sure we only knew one Marc, but I had to tread lightly.  I didn't want to offend him by asking the wrong question and he can be very sensitive about things like this.  I asked what they learned in Sunday School today and sure enough he learned about families.  I said "Cool.  So you decided to draw a picture of your family?"  And then Chris asked the question I was dying to ask, but didn't want to: "Why did you draw Marc?"  At this point, as hard as I was trying for this not to happen, Harrison began to think that he had done something wrong.  He got a quizzical look on his face and looked at me like I should say something.  I didn't know what to say!  He was second guessing himself.  He finally said "Is Marc part of our family?"  I said "Of course he is, honey.  Isn't that why you drew him in your picture?"  This seemed to pacify Harrison and we proudly displayed his picture on the refrigerator.  

Anyway, we never really got an answer as to why Harrison decided to draw Marc in the picture.  I mean, he is family, but as family goes, we haven't seen Marc in a couple of months so I don't know what brought him to the fore-front of Harrison's mind.  Chris and I got a big kick out of it and I called Marc to fill him in and he also got a big kick out of being included.  The drawing and Chris' question about Marc have led to many other questions about family; what are cousins, uncles, aunts and other family members?  How are we related?  Why are Caden and I not releated?  Etc.  It has actually been a fun learning experience.

Harrison now wants to have a family picture taken.  And when I say family, I mean any one with DNA even closely resembling Harrison.  So beware family everywhere, Harrison is going to be calling.  No matter how distant the relation!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Light the Night 2009

Amazingly enough this was the 4th annual Night the Light for Team Klara.  Kara has been gone for 5 years, but never forgotten.  I can't believe how time moves so fast and how it even goes on at all.  And being there at Light the Night with her family and friends feels so good and so bad all at the same time.  It also gives me hope that we will do this walk forever.  For me it's not so much about raising money for blood cancer research (which is very important and I will be fundraising doubly hard in 2010!) but it is a great time to get together with people who were important in Kara's life.  I know that it is a year away, but if you can just take one Saturday next year to celebrate and remember Kara you won't regret it and we would LOVE to see you there.

Anyway, the walk was once again a success.  I did a bit of misjudging on when the walk was (date wise - I thought it was in October!) so I had to work the morning of the walk.  I didn't really want to drag the kids to Davenport (I drove there and back to Des Moines in the same afternoon/evening) because they have been going there quite a bit because of Hawkeye home games and my work schedule.  So I left the family at home this year and my mom came with instead.  We had a very nice time.  She got to catch up with Mary House and I got to fawn over baby Nora and talk with great friends. 

Here are some pictures from our evening:

Marcy (Kara's sister)

Jod, Scott, James, Ken (among others in the background!)

Checking out some lost balloons

Jen, Nora (in stroller), Scott and Marcy

Mom chattin' it up with Danika Perron (classmate of Nathan's) - she volunteers her time and takes team pictures at the event.  

Mom, Marcy, Dayton (Marcy's oldest son)

James, Scott, Jod (notice the headphones on Jod - she couldn't miss the Hawkeye game!)

Our shirts this year had a phrase written from a birthday card that Kara had sent Jen one year.  They said "Hope you have an awesome day" and it was in Kara's handwriting.  Very cool!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Caden:  "Harrison.  Harrison.  Harrison!  What's that?"

Harrison:  "What's what?"

Me:  silently giggling - I mean, 'What's what?'!  That is not a 4 year old phrase!

Caden:  "Those.  Up there.  Those."

Harrison:  "Oh.  That.  Those are wires.  And if you get a REALLY tall ladder you can climb up and touch those wires.  But (pause) then you die.  Do you want to die, Caden?"

Caden: "Oh.  Ummmmm.  No."

Harrison:  "Well, you could wear special gloves.  I mean there are guys that touch those wires all the time but they wear special gloves.  I'm not so sure why they touch the wires.  MOM!!!"

Me:  "Yes."

Harrison:  "You know those wires up in the sky?  Why do guys touch them?  I mean, why?"

Me:  "Sometimes they need fixed or tightened so they don't fall down."

Harrison:  "Oh.  See Caden?  Do you have any more questions?"

Caden:  "Oh.  No.  Thank you."

Bennett:  "PLANE!!!!!" (pointing up in the air)

This is about the exact conversation that was had in the van this morning on the way home from the library.  I hope that Caden's parents appreciate the education that he gets at my house.  It doesn't get any better than 'Do you want to die, Caden?'  I mean, really.  I love these kids!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


"I am sooo sick of Caden and Bennett!"

"I ok."

"Be right back."

"Good job, Mom."



"Not in your mouth, Miles."

"Beth, I ask you question."

These are just a few of the phrases going around Camp Neipert these days.  It is amazing how many conversations I can carry on at once.  Caden and Bennett are in full swing with all of their talking and Miles is really starting to talk.  He is the one that said 'I ok."  He is not the most graceful toddler on the planet and he tripped in the living room the other day and he looked up at me and said "I ok" and went right back to playing!  This is not a normal response.  He often looks for the sympathy with a tear or two!  Not this time!

And poor Miles!  I must have said "Not in your mouth, Miles" a few too many times, because now Bennett feels the need to remind Miles that certain toys don't go in his mouth!  And Miles DOES NOT like being told what to do by Bennett!  (I can sympathize!)  

Harrison is kind of protective when it comes to the little Legos in the house.  Bennett was showing Caden a Lego alien and then they took turns chasing each other with it.  I was monitoring the situation, but a little piece must have fallen off.  A little while later I found it and set it on the table.  Harrison got home from school and saw it.  His response: "I am sooo sick of Caden and Bennett!"  We had a quick chat about that.  I continue to be dumbfounded by what comes out of his mouth.  Do I say that?  Do I use "I am so sick of..." in conversations with Chris and others?  I can't believe that I do but where else would he get it.  Probably watching the Cubs with his father!

Bennett is almost to the annoying 'Why' stage, but not quite.  He says 'Why' but not so much that he says it 7 times in one conversation.  He has started saying "Because."  This is something I think he picked up from Caden although I can't be positive.  It is just really funny to hear either of them say it.  Bennett does love his manners.  He is a constant, please and thank you man, and he has recently added your welcome into the mix.  He also loves to give others praise.  I made a letter 'F' today and cut it out of the construction paper and I received a "Aww, good job, Mom" and a nice old pat on the back.  What a sweetie!  It's nice to be appreciated!  

Bennett is also at an early procrastination stage.  Depending on the time of day, I am ready to strangle him once the 'Be right back's" start coming out of his mouth.  "Be right back.  Need water."  "Be right back.  I need a truck."  "Be right back, I go use the potty!" (still not really using the potty, just lifting his shirt to expose his belly button!)

Caden continues to amaze me with his language skills.  Yesterday, instead of just asking me like most normal kids, he told me he had a question!  "Beth, I ask you a question.  Can we go outside?"  Too cute!  And he is always very curious as to what I am doing and what we are going to be doing.  "What are you doing?"  "What are you making?"  "Are we going to have yogurt?"  "Can we play with the trains and then watch Dinosaur Train?"

Nap time is a treasured time around here.  I am a little worried that a little girl is about to disrupt all that!!!  :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer fun at Drake

I have taken the kids over to Drake several times this summer.  It is a short walk from here and it has great open spaces to run, kick the ball and just hang out.  Their favorite place, though is the fountain/pool.  I think both Harrison and Bennett could spend hours there.  The day that I took Miles, he was interested for a while, but then he found a hill and there was no looking back.  That boy loves a rush!  Free falling down the hill with no way to effectively stop.  What a thrill!  He are some pics!

This awesome!  I asked Harrison to put his arms around Miles and instead Miles grabbed both Harrison and Bennett.  What a fun shot!!!

"You are so funny, Harrison!"

This was a tad scary to watch!  Graceful, isn't he!

(These pics are from 2 different visits.  It is just a coincidence that Bennett is wearing  the same outfit!)