Thursday, October 1, 2009


"I am sooo sick of Caden and Bennett!"

"I ok."

"Be right back."

"Good job, Mom."



"Not in your mouth, Miles."

"Beth, I ask you question."

These are just a few of the phrases going around Camp Neipert these days.  It is amazing how many conversations I can carry on at once.  Caden and Bennett are in full swing with all of their talking and Miles is really starting to talk.  He is the one that said 'I ok."  He is not the most graceful toddler on the planet and he tripped in the living room the other day and he looked up at me and said "I ok" and went right back to playing!  This is not a normal response.  He often looks for the sympathy with a tear or two!  Not this time!

And poor Miles!  I must have said "Not in your mouth, Miles" a few too many times, because now Bennett feels the need to remind Miles that certain toys don't go in his mouth!  And Miles DOES NOT like being told what to do by Bennett!  (I can sympathize!)  

Harrison is kind of protective when it comes to the little Legos in the house.  Bennett was showing Caden a Lego alien and then they took turns chasing each other with it.  I was monitoring the situation, but a little piece must have fallen off.  A little while later I found it and set it on the table.  Harrison got home from school and saw it.  His response: "I am sooo sick of Caden and Bennett!"  We had a quick chat about that.  I continue to be dumbfounded by what comes out of his mouth.  Do I say that?  Do I use "I am so sick of..." in conversations with Chris and others?  I can't believe that I do but where else would he get it.  Probably watching the Cubs with his father!

Bennett is almost to the annoying 'Why' stage, but not quite.  He says 'Why' but not so much that he says it 7 times in one conversation.  He has started saying "Because."  This is something I think he picked up from Caden although I can't be positive.  It is just really funny to hear either of them say it.  Bennett does love his manners.  He is a constant, please and thank you man, and he has recently added your welcome into the mix.  He also loves to give others praise.  I made a letter 'F' today and cut it out of the construction paper and I received a "Aww, good job, Mom" and a nice old pat on the back.  What a sweetie!  It's nice to be appreciated!  

Bennett is also at an early procrastination stage.  Depending on the time of day, I am ready to strangle him once the 'Be right back's" start coming out of his mouth.  "Be right back.  Need water."  "Be right back.  I need a truck."  "Be right back, I go use the potty!" (still not really using the potty, just lifting his shirt to expose his belly button!)

Caden continues to amaze me with his language skills.  Yesterday, instead of just asking me like most normal kids, he told me he had a question!  "Beth, I ask you a question.  Can we go outside?"  Too cute!  And he is always very curious as to what I am doing and what we are going to be doing.  "What are you doing?"  "What are you making?"  "Are we going to have yogurt?"  "Can we play with the trains and then watch Dinosaur Train?"

Nap time is a treasured time around here.  I am a little worried that a little girl is about to disrupt all that!!!  :)

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