Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer fun at Drake

I have taken the kids over to Drake several times this summer.  It is a short walk from here and it has great open spaces to run, kick the ball and just hang out.  Their favorite place, though is the fountain/pool.  I think both Harrison and Bennett could spend hours there.  The day that I took Miles, he was interested for a while, but then he found a hill and there was no looking back.  That boy loves a rush!  Free falling down the hill with no way to effectively stop.  What a thrill!  He are some pics!

This awesome!  I asked Harrison to put his arms around Miles and instead Miles grabbed both Harrison and Bennett.  What a fun shot!!!

"You are so funny, Harrison!"

This was a tad scary to watch!  Graceful, isn't he!

(These pics are from 2 different visits.  It is just a coincidence that Bennett is wearing  the same outfit!)

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