Saturday, May 29, 2010


Harrison decided that he wanted to play baseball again this year.  Last year was bam-bam and this year is t-ball.  This year they hit a regular sized ball instead of the big rubber ball they hit last year.  It's still softer than a normal ball but looks just like a normal baseball.  This year we were 'lucky' enough to be on the Cubs team again.  When I say lucky, I mean that Harrison's friend Johnny was going to be on the Cubs and his dad, Ryan was the coach so he requested Harrison be on that team as well.  So once again, he is a Beaverdale Cub.  Lucky for us, we are able to dress a bat boy to match!

Harrison likes all of the positions.  He has had to play all of them, even catcher.  We weren't sure he would like all of the equipment, but he did ok.  AND he looked really cute!

Getting ready to field the ball!

Hit it hard!!!

Johnny and Harrison on there way to the game. 

Coach Ryan and Johnny

One of the games we went to, it was 40 degrees.  Luckily we came prepared like all diehards!

We have 3 games left this season and it has been very fun.  Harrison enjoys baseball and tells us that he wants to play again next year.  This excites us (Chris especially) but it will always be driven by Harrison.  He is very excited to play soccer this fall.  I eventually would like him to choose one sport, but I was a two sometimes three sport athlete so we will see as time goes...  And next year Bennett starts bam-bam so we will be one of those crazy families that is always running somewhere.  If we can't keep everything in perspective and balance our time, something will have to go.  Maybe one of the children...  :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Vanity in Pictures

Harrison has been obsessed with himself lately.  I know all kids go thru this stage and I know some people who have never outgrown this stage.  I often find him in the bathroom making different faces in the mirror.  It's very amusing to watch.  Although if he catches you watching too closely or laughing at him, he gets mad.  

He also loves to have his picture taken.  He is always saying, "Take my picture and send it to Dad."  "Take a picture of me doing this and send it to Grandpa."  This has led Bennett 'I do everything that Harrison does' Neipert to want to have his picture taken too.  Here are a few (a lot) from the past month.  Enjoy the cuteness!

"Freak on, freaky dude!"

Gene Simmons here I come.

Swim day

Swim days have started here at the Neipert house.  While Bennett thinks they should be everyday, twice a day, I am going to try and limit it to every other day.  

We brought the slide up onto the deck and let the fun begin.  My children are the most daring and adventurous.  They want to go down the slide forwards, backwards, sideways, upside down and together.  


Sometimes you have to stop to look at a butterfly.

And sometimes you need to stop for a rest.


Such a doll!

I found a frog!!!  

We might need a bigger pool...

Miles is so stinking cute I sometimes have a hard time stopping myself from taking his photo.  And on this particular day he was very cooperative.  Instead of 'cheese' he was saying 'I am cute!'  He is, isn't he?!?!



The sweetest...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

No more preschool

No more preschool for the big kid!  Today was the last day.  When he woke up this morning I asked him if he would please stop growing.  He looked at his dad and said "Why does she always ask me that?"  Maybe someday he will understand...

This is Harrison and his friend Johnny.  They are awesome buds.

These are Harrison's teachers - Nikki, Carolyn and Toma.  Great group of educators.  Thank you!!!

We have LOVED our experience at Westminster the last two years and will be continuing it on when Bennett goes to preschool next year.  He and Caden will be going to the afternoon class three days a week!  They could both stop growing too!!!

Harrison brought home a book that he made this year.  I love that the teachers made this for the kids to remember their year by.  I think it's awesome! 

I can hear him shrugging his shoulders saying "He will get out sometime."

The there was no blood on his Halloween costume, by the way...

He loves us and thinks of us often!!!

I love how this represents his immature cockiness.  He sometimes believes he is the best at everything.  He doesn't have bad sportsmanship for a 5 year old, it's just that he will be playing with a friend and he will just "Geez, I am sooo good at this.  I must be the best soccer player ever."  A little humility would look good on him!  This is something we are working on very hard.  There is a song by Ralph Covert titled "Nobody digs like a worm."  That has been our mantra lately.  Hopefully he gains a little more perspective before kindergarten!  

I guess this is a little more cockiness!!!  :)

Jack and Johnny are his best buddies.  Hopefully we will be able to keep in touch!

  This is hysterical to me.  I haven't figured out why he reverts to scribbling, but he does this often.  Maybe he is insecure about drawing certain things.  Or maybe he is just abstract.  I like that!

Now the challenge will be figuring out what to do with Harrison all summer!  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One liners

Here are some one liners I have heard the past few weeks.  I am sure I am leaving some out...

I. Am. Robot.  ~  Bennett

Beth?  I have juice in my elbow.  ~  Caden  (he was rubbing under his armpit after running around the house - he was sweaty!)

Bennett, when I eat these green beans. I might grow higher to reach the light.  ~  Caden

God, dammit!  ~  Miles 

Freak on, freaky dude!  ~  Harrison

I farted.  Mommy farts at school.  I fart at home.  ~  Miles

Are my friends here yet?  ~  Bennett (it was Saturday...)

You are a cracker!!!!  HA HA HAAAA  ~  Bennett
No I'm not!  I am a boy!  ~  Caden
You are a cracker!  ~  Bennett
NO!  I am Miles!!!  ~  Miles

I am not arguing!  I am discussing.  You started all this.  Why do you have to argue with me!  ~  Harrison

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Bennett is NOT getting in my bubble bath. - Harrison, age 5

Monday, May 3, 2010


Our morning went great!  So far:

Annabelle is pulling up on EVERYTHING and keeping me on my toes.  She even thought it was a good idea to pull up on a flimsy play gym and then proceeded to fall and bump her nose (I was right there but missed catching her!  OOPS!)  She started to cry and Miles sprinted from the other room yelling "OH NO!  Annabelle is crying!  What is wrong!!!"  What a great big brother!

Bennett wore shorts!!!!  As of yet, he has not wore shorts because, and I quote "My knees will get cold."  I put them on this morning while he was very interested in the fact that I was allowing them to jump on the cushions before putting the covers back on.  About 2 hours later, while he was playing outside, he said "HEY!" glaring at me "Oh!" face change to realization "My knees are not cold."  And then he went on playing!  What a goof.

Miles was twirling this morning and Annabelle was totally belly laughing at him.  So funny!

We got the parachute out that Bennett got for his birthday and played campfire (Harrison named it).  We all sat under the parachute and giggled.  I have no idea why he called it campfire.
(Although he does watch NCIS with me and Tony is always calling campfires.  This means that everyone gets in a circle and discusses the case so far.)  Who knows!

Caden has a habit of repeating things that I or Bennett say.  Today he asked what was for lunch and I told him we were having mac and cheese.  He turned around and told Harrison (who had obviously heard me tell Caden) that we were having mac and cheese.  Harrison said "I know Caden!" in his most annoyed voice and Caden said, in his most innocent voice, "You know because I just told you."  Hysterical!

Hopefully they sleep until their parents get here.  I can't take anymore cuteness!  

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Here is something strange that happened at my house on Monday.  Harrison walking into the kitchen and this mini-conversation occurred:

Harrison - "Mom, are you a limo?
Me - "Ummm, do I look like a limo?"
Harrison - "Well, (pause) you are pretty fancy."

I couldn't bring myself to ask him what made him think to ask me that question.  It was cute enough as is!  :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Little Things

The world stops for 

home-made, chocolate pudding pops

and worms.

Little Buddy

Here is my new buddy Graysen being disrespectful, sticking his tongue out at me.  Isn't he a doll! (never mind the scratches on his face.  He is in counseling trying to overcome his self-harm disorder)


Today was the first day for the 2010 season of the Downtown Farmer's Market.  And it was grand!  The weather was gorgeous.  I got AWESOME deals on tomato and pepper plants and we had a buffet of good food.  We even got to see Ryne Sandberg and Chris said "Hey Ryno" and shook his hand.  It's great to be in Des Moines.  (HINT - HINT family in southern state!)

I have the most wonderful children and to prove it, Harrison showed me some wonderful thoughtfulness this morning.  I had purchased some plants and had them in a bag and then found some basil plants that I decided to get.  As I was rearranging things to fit in the 2 new plants, Harrison said "Oh Mom.  Is your bag big enough?  I could carry one of those for you."  Now, this may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but it comes from a child who complains a lot!  "Can you carry my jacket.  It bothers my arm."  "Hold this please.  It's heavy."  Etc, etc.  I gave him a big kiss for being great and told him that I was fine.  There was plenty of room.  What a great kid!

When we got home we did some bird watching
 (the nest is just under the roof.  Chris used a mirror to get a look at the pretty blue robin eggs) and then Chris and the boys set up a net that they got for Christmas.  It is pretty awesome and has been played with non-stop since we put it up.  

Now we are off to Harrison's t-ball game and then I am off to work.  Busy, wonderful Saturday!