Thursday, May 6, 2010

One liners

Here are some one liners I have heard the past few weeks.  I am sure I am leaving some out...

I. Am. Robot.  ~  Bennett

Beth?  I have juice in my elbow.  ~  Caden  (he was rubbing under his armpit after running around the house - he was sweaty!)

Bennett, when I eat these green beans. I might grow higher to reach the light.  ~  Caden

God, dammit!  ~  Miles 

Freak on, freaky dude!  ~  Harrison

I farted.  Mommy farts at school.  I fart at home.  ~  Miles

Are my friends here yet?  ~  Bennett (it was Saturday...)

You are a cracker!!!!  HA HA HAAAA  ~  Bennett
No I'm not!  I am a boy!  ~  Caden
You are a cracker!  ~  Bennett
NO!  I am Miles!!!  ~  Miles

I am not arguing!  I am discussing.  You started all this.  Why do you have to argue with me!  ~  Harrison

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