Friday, May 13, 2011


Yesterday at lunch we were listening to a cd I had gotten from the library. A song by Bruno Mars called "Just the Way You Are" came on and Miles "Music Lover" Lorentzen started singing along. He then said that this was his favorite song. And it was his mommy's favorite song because "She loves it when my daddy and I sing it to her because she is amazing. She's SO amazing."

My heart is melting!!! Then Caden says "My mommy is amazing too! I love her!" Tears are coming to my eyes. These children are too cute! Miles responds with "I love my mommy" and continues singing along with Bruno Mars.

As I gaze at these wonderful children that I care for every day I look longingly at my own child. What precious words of love will he have? "MOM! I NEED more ketchup!"