Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have another story about little boys and their differences. Thankfully this one is 'cleaner!'

Bennett is a cunning little trickster. Miles, as his mom calls him, is an old soul. He's sweet and thoughtful.

Yesterday while getting ready to go out the door to preschool, Bennett mandated that I go out first. This was a little odd, but Bennett is also the type that enjoys bossing others around when given the chance. I was picking my battles so I just let it go on as he stated. I went to open the door and was STOPPED! It was one of those running into a wall type stops. The door was locked. Bennett laughed and laughed and laughed. I chuckled, unlocked the door and ushered everyone out. As Miles was passing me he smiled and said, "Bennett's such a crazy goofball." And he meant this in the most endearing sweet way.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Same Roots - Different Trees

My children are different. Very different.

Bennett is my thoughtful child. He truly wonders about things and asks great questions. Mostly - "Mom, isn't it great that you can drive? I'm not tall enough." or "Mom, isn't it interesting that that the TV turns on with a remote. I mean, how does that work?" Harrison is my to-the-point, overly-mature child. Me - "Harrison was is 4 x 3?" Harrison - "12" Me - What is 3 x 4?" Harrison - "Mom, I'm over that. Can we do something challenging?" Very little gets by him without a quick-witted response.

Case-in-point, on our way to Starbucks yesterday:

Bennett - Mom, isn't it weird that we were babies but now we are not. How does that happen?

Me - We eat good food and our body grows.

Bennett - Mom, how did you get me out of your belly?

Me - (Thinking, thinking, thinking) I pushed really hard.

Bennett - Oh. (Pause) (Pause) But where?

Me - (Shit!!! Why is this HAPPENING?!?!?!)

Harrison - It was her butt-hole. It's the only hole down there.

Me - (O.M.G!!!!) Umm, well... It was my vagina.

Bennett - (Deer-in-headlights-glossy-eyed-confused-stupor)

Harrison - Oh yeah. (Pause) But, like, it was probably still a pain in your butt.