Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day With Ducks

On Sunday, we went to visit my grandparents in Charles City.  My grandfather was having his toes broke (on purpose) on Monday so my mom was going to help out for the week.

My grandparents moved into town a year ago and they love their place.  I miss the farm and the chance for the boys to know where my mom grew up, but their new place is cool.  They live right on the Cedar River in town.  It is great to sit out on the deck and watch the river and hear the noises that it makes.  It is very peaceful and relaxing.  It is also fun to walk down to the river and Harrison loves to throw skipping rocks out on the water.  He hasn't gotten one to skip but it is not for lack of trying!

We were all geared up to see the Trumpeter Swan on this trip to Gma and Gpa's.  They have had this swan for the last month or so and it visit's quite regularly.  Well, it would not grace us with our presence on this day, but we made do by going to visit the ducks and geese.  Gpa and Gma live about 3 minutes from Bayou Bend.  This is an area that is almost dedicated to the ducks and geese.  We took half a loaf of bread up there and the boys had a riot.  Harrison almost let a duck eat out of his hand and Bennett couldn't get enough of them.  He would throw a piece and then say, 'Duck, duck, duck' and then look at me and giggle.  After we ran out of bread Bennett decided to chase the ducks.  He was laughing so hard and having so much fun.

On the way back to the house, a pile of fallen leaves caught Harrison's eye.  He and Bennett proceeded to swish through them and throw leaves into the air.  It reminded me of last year when James was hear and he and Harrison had such a good time playing in the leaves at my mom and dad's.  We got great pictures from that.  Even when Harrison was almost 2 he was playing in leaves at Gpa Greg and Gma Pam's house.  He thought it was hysterical when Chris would fall into the leaves!  I guess he is just a leaf pile boy!
The house closest to Bayou Bend is a Frank Lloyd Wright house.  It is very cool.  The spring floods did everything they could do to destroy it, but it still stands.  I peaked in the back windows (no one is living there) and it is completely gutted.  Very sad.  I do hope they restore it some day.  The people who own it are renting a place right next to my grandparents, so hopefully they will be able to do it or find someone who will.  This is a picture of it in the background.
We had a great time and hope to go back again soon.  The Moutenots are coming for Thanksgiving but so are Nathan and Meredith so if we all got together that would be 13 adults and 4 children.  Too many I suppose.  Maybe everyone can meet at my house!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A day on the farm

Harrison, Bennett and I headed out to the Center Grove Orchard on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day and I was excited to do something with my boys.  And apple picking happens to be one of Harrison's favorite things.

This was the best orchard I have been to here in the Des Moines area.  It is located out by Cambridge and has so much more than apples - but there are apples.  4,500 apples trees in 31 varieties with 7 more varieties being added.  It's huge!

When we got out of the car Harrison wanted to go pick apples.  I told him we were going to look around for a little bit to see what we could find.  Whoa!  Let me tell you what we found!  

There was a 'storybook' area where the 3 Little Pigs was being told.  The area had 'real' houses as well.  Harrison went into each house and made me be the big bad wolf and then he would run over to the next house.  When we got the brick house and I couldn't blow it down, he wanted me to try and get up on the roof like the wolf.  I told him there was already a wolf on the roof and when he looked, there was!  He howled and went running away holding his scorched behind.  So funny!
Next we went to see the ducks and the chickens and the goats (with babies - too cute) and the real 3 little pigs.  Bennett took forever at the ducks.  He would laugh and then point and say duck.  He did this over and over.  He was just enthralled by the whole experience.
After that it was off for some tractor riding.  Harrison finally got on one he could peddle.  He has been on these types of toys so many times and he always gets discouraged  because they are too hard to peddle.  Not this one.  And my dad would be so proud that it was an Allis-Chalmers and not a John Deere!!!  
Next was the ever dreaded corn pit.  The corn gets everywhere!  But children always seem to  have the best time at the corn pit.  And this was one of the biggest I had ever seen.  They had a blast and it wasn't even that hard to get them out when it was time for the hay ride.
After the hay rack ride and we decided it was time to go pick apples.  Now, I must tell you, it was 11:55 am when we entered the apple orchard.  I had told Harrison that there were apples in the store that were already picked and we could just grab them and go home for lunch, but I don't know why I even suggested it.  The answer was a big fat no.  So out to the orchard we went.

The great thing about orchards is that you pre-purchase a bag to fill, but while you are out there you can eat all the apples you like.  I think Harrison ate 3!  And he finishes them almost all the way down to the seeds!

It was a great time.  Bennett is continuing with some 'stranger danger' drama and that can be a little overwhelming at times - like when you are on a trailer with 20 other people and the tractor is certainly not going to pull over a mile away from the farm to let you off (not that you would want him to, unless of course he would let you just leave the screaming toddler...).  We had invited my cousin and her boys along but they couldn't make it.  I think we just might have to go back when they can!!!
The end.  P.S.  Yes, that is Harrison's 4th apple that he fell asleep eating!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walking Blog Entry

Harrison has  been a walking blog entry as of late.  His one liners won't stop and there is no way to remember them all with out a pocket recorder.

This morning, while getting breakfast ready Harrison must have been bothering me a little too much.  I am not exactly sure what I did or what he did, but I looked at him with a mom face.  You all have those don't you?  They are wonderful tools, if you don't.  While looking at him, Harrison looked back at me and said "Now, don't you get aggressive with me."  I have no idea.  Honestly, no idea where that 'phrase' came from.

Yesterday, he told me that it would be impossible for him to get ready for the bath.  Just impossible.

Harrison had been sick with herpangina like the other boys except that I think he had it the worst.  He woke up in the night screaming, he wouldn't eat or drink anything, he was constantly falling apart and saying "I want you Mama, I want you" in a sobbing, pathetic voice.  It was heartbreaking and exhausting.  This went on for over 5 days.  Well, Wednesday, when Chris got home - mind you we had not had a great day, still crying and sobbing that his throat hurt - he suddenly declared that his "sick was gone."  And it was.  We didn't hear another word about it.

Harrison has the insatiable need to touch.  He wants to hug, kiss, pinch, anything to get his physical touch needs met.  He was playing with Will and Bennett the other day and after the 1,000 time of Will or Bennett complaining I told Harrison that if he touched them one more time he would have to play in his room by himself for an hour.  I know, extreme!  Anyway, 2 seconds later, he squeezed Bennett's cheek after Bennett had knocked down a tower.  Off to his room he went.  On the way he was screaming "But Mom, I NEEEEED to touch.  I really WANT to touch.  WHY CAN'T I TOUCH HIM!  I LOVE HIM!!!!"  I needed to touch the next adult beverage.  Really touch it.

There are others, I am sure.  I just can't remember them at this time.  Harrison was only an easy child before he was able to talk and that was at a fairly early age.  The more words he learns and experiments with, the more I am convinced that he just pretends that he is not a good listener!

Right now he is thoroughly irritating his brother and Bennett is milking it for all it is worth which is why I am now ignoring them and blogging.  I am just pretending that Harrison's stomps are Chris coming home from the football game and Bennett's screeches are rare birds that have come to torment me but if I stare at the computer long enough I will be able to step into someone else's life for just long enough that I remember how lucky I am.  Huh - it worked.  I am lucky! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing with Harrison

Is everyone as excited as I am that Dancing with the Stars is back on?!!!  OK - well you don't have to be as excited as we are but you can have a good chuckle with us.  

I am became a DWTS fan a couple of seasons ago, but really got hooked when Jennie Garth was on last year.  I love Jennie Garth.  I close my eyes and channel trying to be as cool as Jennie!

Anyway, as I got hooked on the show, we also had another little fan get hooked.  Harrison loves DWTS.  He is mesmerized by the dancing and loves to dance along with the stars.  Last season he would here the songs and start dancing in the middle of the dance floor.  I would try and get him to dance with me but he just wanted down so he could do it himself.  This season is a different story.  This season he wants me to pick him up and dance with him.  On Monday night I was holding him and he was loving it.  He had one arm around my neck and one arm floating in the air like he was a bohemian dancer or a cowboy ready to rope his first calf.  Either way I thought Chris was going to choke on his own spit he was laughing so hard.  When the song was over I put Harrison down but he wanted back up again.

"More dancing, Mom!"

"The song is over honey.  We have to wait for the next one."

"But I can hear the music in my head."

Can't we all Harrison, can't we all?!  So dance again we did.

Friday, September 19, 2008

More on Bennett

Gma Pam reminded me that Bennett has a couple of animal sounds in his vocabulary.

Bennett can say duck and he can say quack.

Bennett can say 'ruffed' like a dog.  He did this out of the blue while sitting with Gma Pam and I on the couch last weekend.

Bennett can say kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty really fast like you are calling cats on a farm.

Bennett can also say tickle-tickle-tickle-tickle really fast and he comes at you when you are saying it and tries to tickle you under the chin.  Very cute.

Bennett also does jokes.  Chris will ask him what kind of socks pirates wear and Bennett will say "Aaarrrggg."  The punch-line is argyle but we like his answer just fine!  BTW:  Happy talk like a pirate day! 

Tonight I am going to try and do a post on Harrison.  He has had some achievements as well!  He just came home from school and he had a note from the teacher saying he did a GREAT job cleaning up and being a great helper today.  I'm so proud! :) 

Thursday, September 18, 2008


When you spend everyday with someone, you don't always see them change.  So, I decided to stop and really take a look at Bennett today.

1.  Bennett is trying to jump.  He bends down like he is on a spring board and then lifts up with all of his might.  He of course goes no where, but we praise him none-the-less.  It is great to see him trying so hard to accomplish things. 

2.  He is also learning how to throw a ball.  This is one of the funniest and most terrifying things I have seen in a long time.  He takes the ball and brings it waaaay back.  Then he starts walking (sideways, usually) towards you grunting.  When he finally decides to release the ball is anyones guess.  Sometimes it is from a safe distance and sometimes it is so close he is actually just hitting you with the ball still in his hand.  Also, when he does finally release the ball, he also releases his final grunt - imagine Monica Seles in tennis.  The ball most often misses it's mark, but we cheer him on and usually Harrison runs and gets the ball and tosses it back.  Then the whole scene repeats itself.  

3.  Words are still coming slow.  Da-da is much more pronounced and another 'D' word has been identified.  Du-du.  This means Douglas.  It is the cutest thing at night when he asks for Du-du and ga-ga.  Ga-ga is his binky and I honestly have no idea where that came from!  Nana still means that he wants something to eat or drink, but now he points to whatever it is that he wants while saying nana.  

4.  Bennett is now coming to get us a lot.  He comes over and pats us on the side or leg and then 'tells' us to follow him to whatever it is that he wants.  Very cute and very annoying as now he knows how to get us to move!

5.  Bennett has learned how to tackle Harrison.  I am not at all happy about this but was somewhat expecting it.  Often times when the boys are on the bed together they are diving into pillows or Harrison is pulling Bennett down.  We have had conversations about this with Harrison, but unfortunately they haven't worked.  The really bad part about it is that Bennett is not tackling Harrison on the bed but usually in the living room on the floor.  I am not a believer in boys-will-be boys but it is really cute to watch! :)

6.  Bennett is still very jealous at times of Will and Miles.  He has not gone so far as to tackle them (as I think he thinks that is play - I hope!) but he is often stealing their toys, which of course he thinks are his toys - his house, etc.  It is a constant struggle and just when I think I have had enough he does funny things like go and get toys for everybody that he thinks they will like.  Most of the time it is the toy that he had just fought for!  If only I could get in his head!

7.  We found out that Bennett is allergic to bug bites.  He gets bit and then the bite will stay visible for up to 5 weeks.  I don't know if it itches or bothers him, but I apply hydrocortisone cream now and that seems to help the longevity of the bite.

8.  Finally, Bennett is sick.  My kids have not been sick very often since I have been home.  This is a pro and a con with me.  I don't want them to be sick, but I also want their immune systems used to germs so when they get to preschool or kindergarten they are not sick all of the time from new germs.  Anyway, somehow Will got herpangina.  I find it near-to-impossible to keep Bennett and Will from sharing drink cups.  And I try, honestly.  Anyway, I expected Bennett would get sick and he did.  I am just going to keep him on Motrin for the next 3 days and he should be fine.  Ahhh, viruses!  Hopefully Harrison and Miles will be in the clear.  I remember Harrison had herpangina when he was around Bennett's age so maybe that will mean he won't get it again, but we will see.  Herpangina - what a horrible name for an illness.  'Hey, I have herpangina, how have you been?'  Great ice breaker.

We love Bennett.  He is easy to love.  He is quick to get a smile from all of us and he is quick to glare at us when we upset him.  I can't wait to see what he does next.


A beautiful day for a wagon ride.
You know that by the time spring comes around, these 3 will be too big to all fit in the wagon together!

And isn't Miles a little young to be coping an attitude with me?!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tonight while making Harrison his bedtime snack, an orange, I threw caution to the wind and I said "Do you know what tomorrow is?"  Harrison just looked at me.  I said "You have preschool."  This almost always brings the 'uuuhhhhh' and 'I don't want to go to preschool' but this time he jumped up and down and said "Yeah - I love preschool" and proceeded to sing a song about how much he loved preschool.  Breakthrough!  I wonder if it has anything to do with Sunday School.

Harrison's first day of Sunday School was this past Sunday and we had signed up to bring snacks for the next Sunday.  We got to bring home a 'Snack Box' and we had already gone to the store to pick out our snack (Lucky Charms cereal and 'Red Berry' juice like James likes.).  Every morning so far Harrison has asked me if we have Sunday School today.  Who knew that all I had to do to get him excited about school was let him take treats!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High Bed

Chris and Harrison were out in the garage awhile back and Harrison asked what that was.  He was pointing at my loft bed from college and Christopher told him what it was and that it would be his bed one day.  Well, that day has finally come.  Harrison has his high bed as he calls it and he loves it.  We were a little apprehensive about the transition, but it has been great.  It has even helped the transition at bedtime.  He has always been a 'lay with me' kind of kid and we have made it clear to him that we do not 'fit' on the high bed.  He has taken it all in stride and hasn't fallen off yet!

My grandfather, Lee Wilcke, made the bed for me and he made it for a twin mattress I used to own.  That mattress was a little bit thinner than the one we got for Harrison (Gpa Greg and Gma Pam - thank you!).  The rail is only about 2 inches above the mattress but Harrison has always been a bed sleeper so we are not really concerned that he will fall out, but I guess you never know.  

I thought this would also but a damper on potty training but so far so good.  He climbs down just fine in the middle of the night and climbs right back up to go to bed.  With any luck we should be out of over night pull-ups before he turns 4.  Yipeeeeee!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Updated: Too smart for me

I may have mentioned before the Harrison's intelligence sometimes eclipses my own.  It has happened again and it is starting to annoy me.  This time I really had to 'research' to find out what he was talking about.  

Bennett had received this book from Gpa and Gma Greg and Pam.  It is a lift-the-flap, board book.  It is a very cute  book but is currently the most annoying one we have.  It has been selected to read several times (we have had it for 2 days) and each time Harrison asks me the same question (you will find out later in the blog).  It is like he knows that I do not know the answer, so he insists on making me try to explain it to him.

I will reproduce the book for you now (without the express, written consent of the NFL).

Page one:  Tonight is Halloween.  Baby is looking for her special pumpkin.  Is it under the leaves?  (Lift flap) No!  But there is a fuzzy black cat!

Page two:  Is it behind the curtain? (Lift flap) No!  Look!  A friendly ghost!

Page three:  Is it in the closet? (Lift flap) No!  But here are some happy bats!

Page four:  Is it behind Mommy's bowls?  (Lift flap) No!  But here are some candy apples!  YUM!

Page five:  Is it under the bed? (Lift flap) No!  It's a sparkly witch's hat!

Page six:  Is Baby's pumpkin outside the door? (Lift flap) YES!  And now we can all go trick-or-treating!

So, do you know what Harrison asks?  "Why didn't baby find the pumpkin when she was outside?"  What?  Are you kidding me?  I don't know what he is talking about.  I have to go back and read the whole book again, granted, not a big task, to find that indeed the baby started outside looking for the pumpkin.

Now be honest.  You had to go back and look too, didn't you?  How did he pick up on that?  And how clever that he did!

OK - so my brother called and told me that I should explain to Harrison that baby is in the back yard looking for the pumpkin when it is located at the front door.  I had tried to explain this to Harrison, before Nathan called, and it didn't work.  He still maintains the thought that since the baby was outside, the baby should have found said pumpkin no matter where it was.  He will have to try reading the book to Harrison when they are here for Thanksgiving - which is only 72 days away.  Yes, I am counting.  I can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


On September 20, 2003 my best friend was diagnosed with leukemia.  On September 17, 2004 she lost her battle with the terrible disease.  I think about her everyday and when my mind strays from her for too long, Harrison will ask me "Remember Kara?  Why did she die?"

Harrison never met Kara in person.  But somehow he knows her and makes me tell him about her.  He makes me tell him about her disease.  He makes me tell him about our friendship.  And he makes me tell him about her sense of humor.  I often have to tell him that I don't understand why she had to die but that we remember her in so many ways.  Mostly I remember her for just being there.  I took that for granted and I miss her so much.

It is uncanny to me that Harrison brings Kara up.  I have a picture of her and I in the living room and I have a drawer in my bedroom with stuff about her in it, but I don't talk about her constantly.  I believe that it is Kara's way of saying hi to me.  Just to let me know she is still there.

Every year I participate in Light the Night in Davenport, IA.  This years walk is October 4th and will be our 3rd time walking in remembrance of Kara.  The walk is a time to celebrate and remember those affected by leukemia.  It is a time for me to get together with Kara's family and our friends and remember what a great person she was.  One of the things Kara said to her sister in her final days was that she didn't want to be forgotten.  I know that would never be possible and the walk is just one way to prove that to her.  Kara's sister, Marci, actually participated in Team in Training in San Diego this year.  I can't wait to hear all of the highlights from her trip.

Leukemia is a horrible cancer.  It attacks the red blood cells and gets into the marrow, where blood is produced.  An estimated 138,530 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma in 2008.  Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma will cause the deaths of an estimated 52,910 people in the U.S. this year.

Please support me in our fight against leukemia.  Kara was a believer in research studies and participated in 2 of them.  Go to my website and donate now.  Your donation will help others afflicted with leukemia fight the battle through research and medical studies.  If you would rather send a check, please email me: bneipert@gmail.com and I will give you my address.  If you already commit to another charity: thank you.  It is so important that we are involved in great causes and no one's is more important than the one you feel closest to.  Mine just happens to be The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Light the Night.

Remember Kara.


I think I have mentioned before that Harrison is obsessed with green.  His clothes have to be green, his candy has to be green and he would like it if vegetables were not green.  

We went shopping for a new sweatshirt for him and a b-day gift for Chris this weekend.  I found a sweatshirt that #1 was cheap and #2 was nice looking (would go with everything).  He didn't like it.  He wanted to have the green, hooded sweatshirt.  The hooded part comes from his obsession to be just like Bennett (Bennett's sweatshirt is hooded - so are Will and Miles'!).  Anyway, I relented and let him get it because it was cheap (Old Navy was having their 40% sale!).  While we were there shopping I hear Harrison say 'Hey Mom!  Look at me!'  I turned around and this is what I saw.  As we walked around Harrison went up to each mannequin and held it's hand and then he would giggle and say "They don't have heads!" and shake his head laughing.  He is just too funny.

Our latest Harrison obsession is Oreos.  Last night he was found hiding in the pantry eating the last two Oreos.  He literally had the door closed around himself and was sneaking his Oreos!  He had put 2 kid chairs on top of each other and climbed up to the counter to get into the cupboard.  He is lucky that he didn't break his neck and also that I didn't break it for him!  

Reading is fundamental

I am routine oriented but not always good at finding a routine that I like.  But, once I do, I really like to stick with it.

Initially I had this grand plan that after lunch I would clean up all of the dishes, wipe down the table and clean up the floor.  The boys would quietly go sit down and read books while waiting for me to come read one to them before naps.  The hidden agenda behind this is that I would get more "me" time while the boys slept - "me" time should not include dishes!  Well, the last two days it has worked.  After a couple of weeks of setting books out only to find Harrison getting out Legos or Bennett pulling out all of the blocks that we (I) put away before lunch I am finally satisfied to say that we have a routine.  And it really is so cute and rewarding to watch them sitting and looking at their books.  Today, Harrison even read a little to Miles!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


You know those death traps that they call Sit-n-Spins?  Well, we have one.  I bought it at a garage sale for $2.00.  Not a bad buy unless you consider the co-pays I will be shelling out to the ER in the near future. 

Anyway, it took Harrison little time to figure it out.  He was happily spinning away.  Bennett on the other hand had more difficulty.  He kept wanting to stand on it.  (This is where the trips to the ER come in.)  Eventually he gave up and moved on.  Well, a couple days later I hear Harrison saying "Look, Bennett."  I walk into the dining room to see Harrison standing on the SIT-n-Spin going around and around.  I try to explain that is not the proper way to do it, but Harrison assures me he can do it!  Well, Bennett tries again to no avail.

Today I found Bennett in the dining room all by himself.  Again, he looked just like Little Jack Horner as he spun around and around.  So proud!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


My baby started preschool.  It is not as traumatic as it maybe should be; for either of us.  Three years at Uncle Sam's have gotten me very use to preschool.  I can't say enough about how much that child care center helped raise my child.  It was wonderful.  So now, going to a new place, a non-Bright Horizons place is that most stressing factor for me at the moment.  The school I found is named Westminster Preschool and so far is wonderful.  Harrison was not really excited to go, but when we told him that we got to go with him the first day and be with him the whole time he got super excited.  He had a blast and was very comfortable in the room with the kids (4 boys, 12 girls!) and the teachers.  We left to do a little paperwork and hear more about the program and he did great.  On the way home we talked about what he did but he said he was not going back.  He didn't like it or his teachers (2 minutes previous - loved school and teachers).  I ended the discussion with thoughts of Oreos but thought better of it and just said "You are going."

The tricky part about school is getting Harrison to school.  Christopher can pick him up on his lunch break, no problem, but I have to put 2 one year olds, an 8 month old and a stubborn 3 year old into the car and THEN get them all out to take him into the classroom and drop him off.  Fun.  I have thought about those kiddie leashes that I hate, but I think that would be awfully cruel to Miles, dragging him along and all!

Anyway, Friday morning comes and it's time to get into the car.  Miles decides this is a time that he does not want to be in a car seat, Bennett decides he wants this book, no, this book, NO, this book,  AAAAHHHHH, and Harrison is refusing to enter the garage.  I finally get everyone in the car and we start off to school.  

I have to be honest with you.  I am nervous at this point.  Most things don't bother me.  4 kids into the car - no problem.  3 kids to the pool - don't mind if I do.  But having Harrison throw a giant fit about me leaving and Miles crying in the stroller and Bennett and Will off playing with blocks somewhere in the room is what I see in my very near future.  And it scares me.

We pull up to the school and Harrison jumps out of the van.  He does as he is told and holds Will's hand as we walk to the classroom.  Along the way he is saying 'See Bennett?  That is my classroom.'  'Oh, Will, you want to stop and see the teddy bears?'

Pleasant surprise so far.

We get into the classroom and Bennett is overwhelmed.  HEAVEN!  I can see it written on his face.  "I want to play here!"  Will is scared.  TERROR.  He thinks I am going to leave him there.  He is clinging to my calf.  Miles is figgity.  He could explode at any moment.  Harrison is all smiles and pulling away from me at this point.  I corral him back to me and we go off to his cubby to hang up his back back.  As he tries to run off, again, I get him to go wash his hands (Iowa DHS rule).  I bend down to give him a reassuring hug and ask him where he wants to play, but it is too late.  He is already pointing at a toy and on his way there.  I give him a 'Bye,' but he doesn't notice the sarcasm and doesn't even look as he says 'Bye Mom.'  He could have pretended to miss me a little!

Will is ready to go, Miles has calmed down and I am trying to catch Bennett.  We finally get back out to the car and everyone gets strapped in.  As we are pulling away I can't imagine that I have to do this every Thursday and Friday for the next 9 months.  We have to find a carpool!

As for Harrison, he was elated when he got home.  They had gone on a bear hunt, sang bear songs, read bear books and found honey treats.  After hearing about his day I asked if he was excited to go back again next week.

"No, I liked it, but now I am done.  I don't want to go back."

I don't know that I was meant to understand that child.  He might just be above my intelligence level.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bath time!

Oh...what have I done?!!!

Harrison before:

Harrison after:

Bennett before:

Bennett after:

We have been planning hair-cuts for a while now.  So last night I decided it was time.  Off we went to Great Clips.  Closed.  Call Sports Clips.  Closed.  Off to the mall.  Closed, closed, closed. 
Wal-Mart anyone?  Closed.  Oh, that's right.  It's Labor Day.  No one labors on Labor Day!

So after that disappointment, it had taken Oreo bribery to get Harrison in the car, we tried again for tonight.  More Oreos were put on the table and accepted.  Parenting at it's best.

Chris was opting to not go along.  'They'll be fine.  You don't need me.'  Right.  After dragging Harrison over to the stylist, having him give me the hated evil eye, and convincing him to take his hand off of his head, I relent to leave his hair somewhat long.  The other stylist comes over and says she can do Bennett if I would like.  A little nervous about leaving Harrison, I say sure.  What the hell.  What the HELL!!!!  Harrison was just being a total pill.  Now she wants me to leave him there by himself?  Bu,t I decide, lets get it over with.  90210 starts in 28 minutes!  

Bennett freaks out before he even gets in the chair.  Screaming!  Oh my God...what have I done?!!!

At this point the child has huge crocodile tears running down his face and has made his way into my arms and neck.  The stylist is cutting his hair and most of it is falling into my purse.  He finally settles down and is busy drooling TWO suckers (more bribery) onto my neck and shirt while she cuts his hair.  I finally think it is time to set him down when he starts screaming again.  This time I decide to try and pretend to eat his sucker.  I pretend to try and lick it and then try and take it from him and them try and lick it again.  He is now sobbing and belly laughing all at the same time.  His hiccups are so loud I am laughing.
Meanwhile, Harrison is still getting his hair cut and when we finally get back over to him, he says (and I am not making this up) "What was Bennett having a fit about?  It was just a hair-cut."

Ahhhhh.  The memories!

2 is good

Tonight, Christopher was reading Harrison a couple of books before bed.  They just finished up their second book when Harrison said:

 "Can we read one more?" 

Chris responded:  "No, 2 is good."  

Harrison said (without missing a beat):  "But 3 is better!"

They read a 3rd book after Chris stopped laughing.