Thursday, September 4, 2008


My baby started preschool.  It is not as traumatic as it maybe should be; for either of us.  Three years at Uncle Sam's have gotten me very use to preschool.  I can't say enough about how much that child care center helped raise my child.  It was wonderful.  So now, going to a new place, a non-Bright Horizons place is that most stressing factor for me at the moment.  The school I found is named Westminster Preschool and so far is wonderful.  Harrison was not really excited to go, but when we told him that we got to go with him the first day and be with him the whole time he got super excited.  He had a blast and was very comfortable in the room with the kids (4 boys, 12 girls!) and the teachers.  We left to do a little paperwork and hear more about the program and he did great.  On the way home we talked about what he did but he said he was not going back.  He didn't like it or his teachers (2 minutes previous - loved school and teachers).  I ended the discussion with thoughts of Oreos but thought better of it and just said "You are going."

The tricky part about school is getting Harrison to school.  Christopher can pick him up on his lunch break, no problem, but I have to put 2 one year olds, an 8 month old and a stubborn 3 year old into the car and THEN get them all out to take him into the classroom and drop him off.  Fun.  I have thought about those kiddie leashes that I hate, but I think that would be awfully cruel to Miles, dragging him along and all!

Anyway, Friday morning comes and it's time to get into the car.  Miles decides this is a time that he does not want to be in a car seat, Bennett decides he wants this book, no, this book, NO, this book,  AAAAHHHHH, and Harrison is refusing to enter the garage.  I finally get everyone in the car and we start off to school.  

I have to be honest with you.  I am nervous at this point.  Most things don't bother me.  4 kids into the car - no problem.  3 kids to the pool - don't mind if I do.  But having Harrison throw a giant fit about me leaving and Miles crying in the stroller and Bennett and Will off playing with blocks somewhere in the room is what I see in my very near future.  And it scares me.

We pull up to the school and Harrison jumps out of the van.  He does as he is told and holds Will's hand as we walk to the classroom.  Along the way he is saying 'See Bennett?  That is my classroom.'  'Oh, Will, you want to stop and see the teddy bears?'

Pleasant surprise so far.

We get into the classroom and Bennett is overwhelmed.  HEAVEN!  I can see it written on his face.  "I want to play here!"  Will is scared.  TERROR.  He thinks I am going to leave him there.  He is clinging to my calf.  Miles is figgity.  He could explode at any moment.  Harrison is all smiles and pulling away from me at this point.  I corral him back to me and we go off to his cubby to hang up his back back.  As he tries to run off, again, I get him to go wash his hands (Iowa DHS rule).  I bend down to give him a reassuring hug and ask him where he wants to play, but it is too late.  He is already pointing at a toy and on his way there.  I give him a 'Bye,' but he doesn't notice the sarcasm and doesn't even look as he says 'Bye Mom.'  He could have pretended to miss me a little!

Will is ready to go, Miles has calmed down and I am trying to catch Bennett.  We finally get back out to the car and everyone gets strapped in.  As we are pulling away I can't imagine that I have to do this every Thursday and Friday for the next 9 months.  We have to find a carpool!

As for Harrison, he was elated when he got home.  They had gone on a bear hunt, sang bear songs, read bear books and found honey treats.  After hearing about his day I asked if he was excited to go back again next week.

"No, I liked it, but now I am done.  I don't want to go back."

I don't know that I was meant to understand that child.  He might just be above my intelligence level.

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