Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High Bed

Chris and Harrison were out in the garage awhile back and Harrison asked what that was.  He was pointing at my loft bed from college and Christopher told him what it was and that it would be his bed one day.  Well, that day has finally come.  Harrison has his high bed as he calls it and he loves it.  We were a little apprehensive about the transition, but it has been great.  It has even helped the transition at bedtime.  He has always been a 'lay with me' kind of kid and we have made it clear to him that we do not 'fit' on the high bed.  He has taken it all in stride and hasn't fallen off yet!

My grandfather, Lee Wilcke, made the bed for me and he made it for a twin mattress I used to own.  That mattress was a little bit thinner than the one we got for Harrison (Gpa Greg and Gma Pam - thank you!).  The rail is only about 2 inches above the mattress but Harrison has always been a bed sleeper so we are not really concerned that he will fall out, but I guess you never know.  

I thought this would also but a damper on potty training but so far so good.  He climbs down just fine in the middle of the night and climbs right back up to go to bed.  With any luck we should be out of over night pull-ups before he turns 4.  Yipeeeeee!

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