Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I think I have mentioned before that Harrison is obsessed with green.  His clothes have to be green, his candy has to be green and he would like it if vegetables were not green.  

We went shopping for a new sweatshirt for him and a b-day gift for Chris this weekend.  I found a sweatshirt that #1 was cheap and #2 was nice looking (would go with everything).  He didn't like it.  He wanted to have the green, hooded sweatshirt.  The hooded part comes from his obsession to be just like Bennett (Bennett's sweatshirt is hooded - so are Will and Miles'!).  Anyway, I relented and let him get it because it was cheap (Old Navy was having their 40% sale!).  While we were there shopping I hear Harrison say 'Hey Mom!  Look at me!'  I turned around and this is what I saw.  As we walked around Harrison went up to each mannequin and held it's hand and then he would giggle and say "They don't have heads!" and shake his head laughing.  He is just too funny.

Our latest Harrison obsession is Oreos.  Last night he was found hiding in the pantry eating the last two Oreos.  He literally had the door closed around himself and was sneaking his Oreos!  He had put 2 kid chairs on top of each other and climbed up to the counter to get into the cupboard.  He is lucky that he didn't break his neck and also that I didn't break it for him!  

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