Thursday, September 18, 2008


When you spend everyday with someone, you don't always see them change.  So, I decided to stop and really take a look at Bennett today.

1.  Bennett is trying to jump.  He bends down like he is on a spring board and then lifts up with all of his might.  He of course goes no where, but we praise him none-the-less.  It is great to see him trying so hard to accomplish things. 

2.  He is also learning how to throw a ball.  This is one of the funniest and most terrifying things I have seen in a long time.  He takes the ball and brings it waaaay back.  Then he starts walking (sideways, usually) towards you grunting.  When he finally decides to release the ball is anyones guess.  Sometimes it is from a safe distance and sometimes it is so close he is actually just hitting you with the ball still in his hand.  Also, when he does finally release the ball, he also releases his final grunt - imagine Monica Seles in tennis.  The ball most often misses it's mark, but we cheer him on and usually Harrison runs and gets the ball and tosses it back.  Then the whole scene repeats itself.  

3.  Words are still coming slow.  Da-da is much more pronounced and another 'D' word has been identified.  Du-du.  This means Douglas.  It is the cutest thing at night when he asks for Du-du and ga-ga.  Ga-ga is his binky and I honestly have no idea where that came from!  Nana still means that he wants something to eat or drink, but now he points to whatever it is that he wants while saying nana.  

4.  Bennett is now coming to get us a lot.  He comes over and pats us on the side or leg and then 'tells' us to follow him to whatever it is that he wants.  Very cute and very annoying as now he knows how to get us to move!

5.  Bennett has learned how to tackle Harrison.  I am not at all happy about this but was somewhat expecting it.  Often times when the boys are on the bed together they are diving into pillows or Harrison is pulling Bennett down.  We have had conversations about this with Harrison, but unfortunately they haven't worked.  The really bad part about it is that Bennett is not tackling Harrison on the bed but usually in the living room on the floor.  I am not a believer in boys-will-be boys but it is really cute to watch! :)

6.  Bennett is still very jealous at times of Will and Miles.  He has not gone so far as to tackle them (as I think he thinks that is play - I hope!) but he is often stealing their toys, which of course he thinks are his toys - his house, etc.  It is a constant struggle and just when I think I have had enough he does funny things like go and get toys for everybody that he thinks they will like.  Most of the time it is the toy that he had just fought for!  If only I could get in his head!

7.  We found out that Bennett is allergic to bug bites.  He gets bit and then the bite will stay visible for up to 5 weeks.  I don't know if it itches or bothers him, but I apply hydrocortisone cream now and that seems to help the longevity of the bite.

8.  Finally, Bennett is sick.  My kids have not been sick very often since I have been home.  This is a pro and a con with me.  I don't want them to be sick, but I also want their immune systems used to germs so when they get to preschool or kindergarten they are not sick all of the time from new germs.  Anyway, somehow Will got herpangina.  I find it near-to-impossible to keep Bennett and Will from sharing drink cups.  And I try, honestly.  Anyway, I expected Bennett would get sick and he did.  I am just going to keep him on Motrin for the next 3 days and he should be fine.  Ahhh, viruses!  Hopefully Harrison and Miles will be in the clear.  I remember Harrison had herpangina when he was around Bennett's age so maybe that will mean he won't get it again, but we will see.  Herpangina - what a horrible name for an illness.  'Hey, I have herpangina, how have you been?'  Great ice breaker.

We love Bennett.  He is easy to love.  He is quick to get a smile from all of us and he is quick to glare at us when we upset him.  I can't wait to see what he does next.

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