Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So Harrison and I had a knock-down drag out the other day.  Nothing really new about that but he is really testing my parenting skills and my sanity lately.  I don't know that I have met anyone, young or old, who is soooo adverse to being wrong.  He HATES it.  He doesn't like to apologize and he NEVER wants to repeat what he did wrong by saying that he won't do it again.  Ugggg.

So this time it was about being disrespectful to me in the tone that he was using while telling me that he wasn't being reckless with the Wii remote.  I had told him to put the strap on so that it didn't go flying across the room like yesterday when he didn't have the strap on.  Seems like a relatively small request, correct?!?!  Ugggg.  Instead of saying ok and moving on, he decides that this is worth an argument.  He replies that he is fine and that he won't let go of the remote.  I wish you could have heard the disdain and mockery in his voice.  "Like Du-uh!"  I told him not to argue and that he was being disrespectful in his tone and by not listening to me and to just do it like I said.  It just got worse from there.  I will spare you all the gorey details, but instead of taking a deep breath and thinking quietly for a minute (which is what I suggested) he spent 40 minutes in his room screaming and crying and coming out to be more disrespectful and argumentative.  He's a joy!

After all of that he is calmed down and back in the living room.  I decide he is ready for the post-argument discussion and calmly explain that I am disappointed that he was disrespectful in the first place and then that he couldn't control himself and take a minute to calm himself down.  I was sad that Wii time was now over and he had missed all of that play time by wasting 30 or 40 minutes in his room.  

His response in a very calm and collected voice:  "What's 30 to 40 minutes?  I don't care about that.  I have the rest of my life to play."

I promptly left the room and contemplated my reasons for wanting children in the first place.  Then I called my dad and told him that I needed therapy.  He did not disagree.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This makes me smile; a lot.

She loves her 'Uncle' Chris and 

'Uncle' Chris loves her!!!!