Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

The quote of the day goes to Nathan:

"Bennett, please stop licking the furniture."

Friday, December 4, 2009


First I will tell you about Thing One and Thing Two.  They are inseparable.  They are dangerously funny.  They are better known as Bennett and Caden.

I can't begin to tell you all of the things that they do on a daily basis.  They read together, play cars together, potty together, get into trouble together and play sleep together.  Sleep is one of the cutest games I have ever seen.  AND, they made it up all on their own.  The gist is that they gather their belongings - blankets, pillows, boppys, etc - and get into Annabelle's pack-n-play.  One sleeps up in the changing table part and one sleeps down on the bed.  Since the pack-n-play is located at the end of Bennett's bed it is really easy for them to get into the pack-n-play.  They they get covered up, lights off and all cozy.  Sometimes they pretend to snore.  Then all of the sudden they wake up and come running to me for candy.  I pretend to pull candy out of my pocket and give it to them.  Then they repeat the cycle all over again.  Hysterical!  I really don't know where the candy thing came from but on a side note, Miles got the saddest look on his face the first time the other boys did this.  He asked for a piece of candy too and when I handed it to him he was the saddest toddler I had ever seen!

I was making lunch today and this was the conversation I heard over the monitor:

Caden:  "NO!  NO!  No, don't play with that BLANKET, Bennett!"

Bennett:  "Don't yell at me, please."

C:  "Oh.  O.K.  Please don't play with that blanket."

B:  "O.K.  I use this one?"  

C:  "Yeah!"

B:  "YEY!"

C:  "YEY!"

And then they went on playing their sleep game.  I love that they get along so well.  Now if only Harrison and Bennett would get along that well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old MacDonald

Bennett and I went birthday shopping for Harrison last night.  One of the ways that I got him to go with me is by telling him I would take him out to eat.  This is a sure fire way to get either of my kids in the car.  When Harrison hears 'out to eat' he thinks 'TOY!'  When Bennett hears 'out to eat' he thinks 'FRIES!!!!'  So when I had the audacity to stop at not one, but TWO stores before I took him 'out to eat' he let me hear about it.  

From the back seat:  "MOM!!  I want chicken, fries and LEMONADE!!!"

He said this to me just as we were pulling into Target (which by the way, my super 2 year old can read!  He said "Look!  An 'S'!  We at Super Target!"  He's a genius. Or we spend too much time at Target.  I am voting genius!).  This particular Target had no food court so he was a little bummed.  But, once I told him we were going to the toy section he perked right up.  This is when I got the biggest hug and best kiss.  I didn't even have to ask!!!  

Shopping done, we were off to find food.  Ever since I was pregnant with Harrison I have not been able to stomach fast food very well.  Sometimes I can do the chicken options, but NEVER the hamburgers.  And I have tried!  One of my favorite things in college was a Big Mac.  Just writing it I am having a craving!  But, the impending stomach ache and general 'feeling like shit' keep me away.  

Now, Arby's isn't really fast food.  It's just plain good!  I didn't tell Bennett where we were going, I just told him we were here.  So standing in front of the cash register waiting to order he asks me "Are we at Old MacDonalds?"  The lady behind the counter snickered and I told Bennett that we were at Arby's.  "They have fries?" he asked so innocent and sweet.  "Yes, honey." I said with a smile while he danced in a circle.