Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sadness is...

Back story: We are in need of a babysitter and a friend, Kari offered to keep the boys over night next week. I excitedly told Harrison that Kari had invited him to sleep over. He is still a little tentative and nervous about this prospect.

Harrison got his first real skinned knee today. I when I say skinned knee I mean large scratch. It really wasn't that bad compared to what I am sure is to come. Regardless, I heard the cry and looked around the corner to see him sprawled out on the drive way. Neither on of my kids get up when they fall. They must be thinking 'Someone will come rescue me from my horrible perils!!!' As I walked towards him (thinking 'buck up') he still didn't move. This is very typical. Bennett does the exact same thing. I got to him and saw the blood and we went to the house. After some hugs and some TLC (I am not heartless after all) we set about cleaning it up and bandaging the gaping (small) wound. The Neosporin must have stung a little because his eyes said "OMG!! What hell are you putting me through!" and his mouth said "AHHHHHHHH." Once that trauma was over we bandaged it with a Batman bandaid and the real fun began. "I want Daddy!" Fake tear. Fake tear. "Honey, what is Daddy going to do that I haven't done?" "He will hug me and make it all better." "Oh, Harrison!!!" I hugged him and kissed his head and said "I will always be here for you. Always." Did he say 'I know, Mom. I love you and appreciate you and know you are the best mom in the world.'? NO. He did not. In a split second his normal voice came back and he said "Well, not always. I mean you go to parties and stuff and don't let us come."

What am I going to do with him?!?!?!