Friday, June 10, 2011


In the car on the way back from the zoo Harrison saw a car having some trouble.

Harrison: Mom, that car just drive over... that car drived over... that curb... the car back there druved over the curb... he drived...

Me: We say drove when it is the past tense. The car drove over the curb.

Harrison: But we say passed, with an 'ed' when it's the past tense of pass.

Me: I know. There are different rules for different types of words.

Harrison: Yeah, like rhyming words sound a like but can be spelled completely different?! Like caught and thought! That is an 'a' and an 'o.' Totally different!

Me: Did you know that the past tense of catch is caught?

Harrison: WOW! (pause of awe and astonishment) Words are mind-blowing.