Saturday, September 29, 2012

Set for the day

My child is my child.  It's really amazing to step back and look at all his mannerisms and quirks.  They are his, but they are not his alone.  Case in point ~

Me: I am going to jump into the shower and get ready for Bennett's soccer game.  Your clothes are laid out on the couch.

Harrison:  Uggggggggg...  Maaaaaaannnn...

Me: What?

Harrison:  I pulled up the ottoman, got the iPad, I have my book and the remote.  I have all my pillows and a cozy blanket!

Me: Is that where you expected to spend your day

Harrison:  YES!  I'm all cozy.  They Hawkeye's play and I've got my book!  I forgot about Bennett's game!

Me:  Sorry bud.

Harrison is a planner.  He will go with the flow most times, but when he makes a good lounging day plan, he wants to stick with his lounging day plan!