Friday, August 27, 2010


The boys and I got creative this week for a special little girls 1st birthday.  On Tuesday we sat on the floor and colored letters.  Miles scribbled all over the place, Caden concentrated very hard at getting the entire letter colored and Bennett did a combination of both.  I let let them use whatever color marker they wanted and if I had it to do over again I might have limited them to a few select colors.  Yesterday we cut out circles.  Well, I cut out circles and the boys made a mess of little pieces of paper all over the floor.  We did more of this today and then we glued the letters on the circles and taped the circles to a string.  Overall I am very happy with our little project.  

Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!!!  

Happy 'almost' birthday!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


He's adorable.  Nuff said.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear Mrs. Mathews

Dear Mrs.  Mathews,

Welcome to the Neipert family.  As his kindergarten teacher (and potentially his 1st grade teacher) we consider you to be a primary force in Harrison's life; an extended member of our family so to speak.  We love him dearly and sometimes think the world revolves around everything he does.  I was watching the Today Show a couple of weeks ago and Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years) was on.  She is expecting her first child and she stated that she realized millions and billions of women had been pregnant before her, but this was her miracle and she felt like she was the only one in the world who had ever felt this kind of awe and amazement.  I feel like that everyday.  No one has ever had a child like mine.  No one has ever laughed as hard as I at the funny and outrageous things he says.  No one has ever made their mother as angry as he has made me.  No one has ever been prouder of their child than I am of Harrison.  I know all of these things to be untrue, but it feels wonderful sometimes to feel alone.  Like I am the only one in the world who has ever experienced this.  And now we get to share him with you!
Here is a little bit about our boy;  He is 5 years old and will be 6 in just 4 short months.  He is inches tall and weighs 37 1/5 pounds.  When he grows up he wants to be in the air force and do fly-overs at football games.  We dream big!  He has been in tball for 2 years and will be starting soccer in a couple of weeks.  Harrison is extremely sweet and LOVES babies.  His favorite color is green and has been since he was 3.  He currently is making his mother go mad by refusing to learn to read.  I am trying not to push.  He also loves to ride his big wheel, swimming at the pool, gardening with me, watching his dad fix the cars and hanging out with his cousin James and/or his friend Johnny.  Hidden puzzles and Wii are also 2 things he chooses to do in his spare time.  He has one younger sibling, Bennett.  If you are lucky, he will be in your class someday!
Of course Harrison went to bed just a little late last night.  Usually this means he will awaken at the same time he always does - 5:50 am - but this morning he got up at 7:00 am!  The first thing he said was "That star must be magical!"  He loved the poem and the star from the first night of school!

After a special breakfast of french toast and sausage, off we went.  He wasn't nervous or scared or anything!  I have to be, honest, I really wasn't either.  The great thing about Harrison's life so far is that I have known most of his teachers very well.  When he was a baby I couldn't wait for Robin at Uncle Sam's to be able to take care of him.  When he was a toddler, he got Linda and who doesn't love her!?!?  I didn't know his preschool teachers at Westminster so well, but I knew one of the afternoon teachers, Meggan so I knew he was in a good place because she is such a good person and friend!  And now, kindergarten.  And you!  I helped take care of your babies and then I worked with you and then I was your boss and then I worked with you again and somewhere in all of that we became friends!  Thank goodness for that.  It gives me great comfort and pleasure to know he is being taught by such a good person.  

After getting checked in for lunch and after school pick up this is where I left Harrison.  He was happy and smiling.  He drew a picture of a hippo (running theme in our house as of late) in the water with the sun, trees and sky above.  I hope you and he and the rest of your class have a great day and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Love ~ The Neipert's
P.S.  Harrison isn't super familiar with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts and he doesn't think farts are funny.  I hope you two get along!  :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Two things to share:

First is a website you can check-out periodically if you are interested in Harrison's kindergarten.  His teacher put together a blog and she is going to update periodically with pictures and goings-ons.

Second, my WONDERFUL sister-in-law took photos of my babies and here is a video that she put together.  It's like I fell in love all over again!

Monday, August 16, 2010


While on vacation in Utah last month, Bennett ended up in bed with us the first couple of nights.  Different house, a bit of sickness and a little out of sorts made for a cozy family bed.  One morning we woke up and were just talking and playing around and Bennett leaned over Chris and pinched his nipple.  He then said "Hehe!  I pinched your hippo!"  I thought it was hysterical!  We all chuckled and I shared the story with the rest of the family who were equally amused. 

Fast forward to this morning.  I am out of the shower and in my room.  I am partially dressed in pants and looking in the closet for a shirt to wear.  Bennett walks in.  He looks at me and asks me what I am doing.  "I am looking for a shirt to wear."  His response "Oh.  Are you going to put on a hippo holder first?"

I guess it is time for a better anatomy lesson in the Neipert house.  Or, at the least, maybe we could start wearing shirts around Bennett!!!  :)