Monday, August 16, 2010


While on vacation in Utah last month, Bennett ended up in bed with us the first couple of nights.  Different house, a bit of sickness and a little out of sorts made for a cozy family bed.  One morning we woke up and were just talking and playing around and Bennett leaned over Chris and pinched his nipple.  He then said "Hehe!  I pinched your hippo!"  I thought it was hysterical!  We all chuckled and I shared the story with the rest of the family who were equally amused. 

Fast forward to this morning.  I am out of the shower and in my room.  I am partially dressed in pants and looking in the closet for a shirt to wear.  Bennett walks in.  He looks at me and asks me what I am doing.  "I am looking for a shirt to wear."  His response "Oh.  Are you going to put on a hippo holder first?"

I guess it is time for a better anatomy lesson in the Neipert house.  Or, at the least, maybe we could start wearing shirts around Bennett!!!  :)

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