Monday, August 20, 2012

State Fair 2012

It was State Fair time again.  We strapped on our feed bags and headed on over.  First stop - CORN DOGS!!!  I know that not everyone is a fan of corn dogs, but there has never been a better tasting corn dog than at 9:30 in the morning, just minutes after arriving at the fair.  Good eats!

The first Saturday of the fair is usually the busiest, but it was the only day we could work into all of our schedules.  It was also Drake University Day so we got to see Spike and get some cool Bulldog swag.  One thing that helped being in all of those crowds of people was the weather.  Gorgeous!!  82 and sunny.  What a perfect day.
This is an annual picture that I take every year.  It is a fun spot outside of the Ag Building.  They are seriously cute!

The fair is not the most fun for everyone.  But I love it!  The food, the photographs, the CRAZY people watching.  I just love it.

Here the boys are learning about planting food.  I can't believe I am raising city kids.  Never did I dream this is how they would learn about farming.  I do my best with my gardening and taking them back to the farm, but the fair does offer some great inter-actives when is comes to agriculture.

We decided to do the Sky Ride this year.  We always let the kids do the Giant Slide and NEVER let them do the midway, but the Sky Ride is always a maybe.  It's expensive, a tad scary and it takes planning on to do a round trip ticket or a one-way ticket.  Oh, the decisions!

Happy Iowa State Fair!!!!  Thanks Greg and Pam for a great time!