Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh...what have I done?!!!

Harrison before:

Harrison after:

Bennett before:

Bennett after:

We have been planning hair-cuts for a while now.  So last night I decided it was time.  Off we went to Great Clips.  Closed.  Call Sports Clips.  Closed.  Off to the mall.  Closed, closed, closed. 
Wal-Mart anyone?  Closed.  Oh, that's right.  It's Labor Day.  No one labors on Labor Day!

So after that disappointment, it had taken Oreo bribery to get Harrison in the car, we tried again for tonight.  More Oreos were put on the table and accepted.  Parenting at it's best.

Chris was opting to not go along.  'They'll be fine.  You don't need me.'  Right.  After dragging Harrison over to the stylist, having him give me the hated evil eye, and convincing him to take his hand off of his head, I relent to leave his hair somewhat long.  The other stylist comes over and says she can do Bennett if I would like.  A little nervous about leaving Harrison, I say sure.  What the hell.  What the HELL!!!!  Harrison was just being a total pill.  Now she wants me to leave him there by himself?  Bu,t I decide, lets get it over with.  90210 starts in 28 minutes!  

Bennett freaks out before he even gets in the chair.  Screaming!  Oh my God...what have I done?!!!

At this point the child has huge crocodile tears running down his face and has made his way into my arms and neck.  The stylist is cutting his hair and most of it is falling into my purse.  He finally settles down and is busy drooling TWO suckers (more bribery) onto my neck and shirt while she cuts his hair.  I finally think it is time to set him down when he starts screaming again.  This time I decide to try and pretend to eat his sucker.  I pretend to try and lick it and then try and take it from him and them try and lick it again.  He is now sobbing and belly laughing all at the same time.  His hiccups are so loud I am laughing.
Meanwhile, Harrison is still getting his hair cut and when we finally get back over to him, he says (and I am not making this up) "What was Bennett having a fit about?  It was just a hair-cut."

Ahhhhh.  The memories!

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Tome said...

Love the haircut pictures. Those ones of Bennett are priceless!