Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walking Blog Entry

Harrison has  been a walking blog entry as of late.  His one liners won't stop and there is no way to remember them all with out a pocket recorder.

This morning, while getting breakfast ready Harrison must have been bothering me a little too much.  I am not exactly sure what I did or what he did, but I looked at him with a mom face.  You all have those don't you?  They are wonderful tools, if you don't.  While looking at him, Harrison looked back at me and said "Now, don't you get aggressive with me."  I have no idea.  Honestly, no idea where that 'phrase' came from.

Yesterday, he told me that it would be impossible for him to get ready for the bath.  Just impossible.

Harrison had been sick with herpangina like the other boys except that I think he had it the worst.  He woke up in the night screaming, he wouldn't eat or drink anything, he was constantly falling apart and saying "I want you Mama, I want you" in a sobbing, pathetic voice.  It was heartbreaking and exhausting.  This went on for over 5 days.  Well, Wednesday, when Chris got home - mind you we had not had a great day, still crying and sobbing that his throat hurt - he suddenly declared that his "sick was gone."  And it was.  We didn't hear another word about it.

Harrison has the insatiable need to touch.  He wants to hug, kiss, pinch, anything to get his physical touch needs met.  He was playing with Will and Bennett the other day and after the 1,000 time of Will or Bennett complaining I told Harrison that if he touched them one more time he would have to play in his room by himself for an hour.  I know, extreme!  Anyway, 2 seconds later, he squeezed Bennett's cheek after Bennett had knocked down a tower.  Off to his room he went.  On the way he was screaming "But Mom, I NEEEEED to touch.  I really WANT to touch.  WHY CAN'T I TOUCH HIM!  I LOVE HIM!!!!"  I needed to touch the next adult beverage.  Really touch it.

There are others, I am sure.  I just can't remember them at this time.  Harrison was only an easy child before he was able to talk and that was at a fairly early age.  The more words he learns and experiments with, the more I am convinced that he just pretends that he is not a good listener!

Right now he is thoroughly irritating his brother and Bennett is milking it for all it is worth which is why I am now ignoring them and blogging.  I am just pretending that Harrison's stomps are Chris coming home from the football game and Bennett's screeches are rare birds that have come to torment me but if I stare at the computer long enough I will be able to step into someone else's life for just long enough that I remember how lucky I am.  Huh - it worked.  I am lucky! :)

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jenvan said...

What fun for you! Audrey also has the gift of language (at an early age as well) and you are right, a pocket recorder would be an asset! Good luck finding that adult beverage!