Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reading is fundamental

I am routine oriented but not always good at finding a routine that I like.  But, once I do, I really like to stick with it.

Initially I had this grand plan that after lunch I would clean up all of the dishes, wipe down the table and clean up the floor.  The boys would quietly go sit down and read books while waiting for me to come read one to them before naps.  The hidden agenda behind this is that I would get more "me" time while the boys slept - "me" time should not include dishes!  Well, the last two days it has worked.  After a couple of weeks of setting books out only to find Harrison getting out Legos or Bennett pulling out all of the blocks that we (I) put away before lunch I am finally satisfied to say that we have a routine.  And it really is so cute and rewarding to watch them sitting and looking at their books.  Today, Harrison even read a little to Miles!

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