Saturday, May 29, 2010


Harrison decided that he wanted to play baseball again this year.  Last year was bam-bam and this year is t-ball.  This year they hit a regular sized ball instead of the big rubber ball they hit last year.  It's still softer than a normal ball but looks just like a normal baseball.  This year we were 'lucky' enough to be on the Cubs team again.  When I say lucky, I mean that Harrison's friend Johnny was going to be on the Cubs and his dad, Ryan was the coach so he requested Harrison be on that team as well.  So once again, he is a Beaverdale Cub.  Lucky for us, we are able to dress a bat boy to match!

Harrison likes all of the positions.  He has had to play all of them, even catcher.  We weren't sure he would like all of the equipment, but he did ok.  AND he looked really cute!

Getting ready to field the ball!

Hit it hard!!!

Johnny and Harrison on there way to the game. 

Coach Ryan and Johnny

One of the games we went to, it was 40 degrees.  Luckily we came prepared like all diehards!

We have 3 games left this season and it has been very fun.  Harrison enjoys baseball and tells us that he wants to play again next year.  This excites us (Chris especially) but it will always be driven by Harrison.  He is very excited to play soccer this fall.  I eventually would like him to choose one sport, but I was a two sometimes three sport athlete so we will see as time goes...  And next year Bennett starts bam-bam so we will be one of those crazy families that is always running somewhere.  If we can't keep everything in perspective and balance our time, something will have to go.  Maybe one of the children...  :)

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