Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today was the first day for the 2010 season of the Downtown Farmer's Market.  And it was grand!  The weather was gorgeous.  I got AWESOME deals on tomato and pepper plants and we had a buffet of good food.  We even got to see Ryne Sandberg and Chris said "Hey Ryno" and shook his hand.  It's great to be in Des Moines.  (HINT - HINT family in southern state!)

I have the most wonderful children and to prove it, Harrison showed me some wonderful thoughtfulness this morning.  I had purchased some plants and had them in a bag and then found some basil plants that I decided to get.  As I was rearranging things to fit in the 2 new plants, Harrison said "Oh Mom.  Is your bag big enough?  I could carry one of those for you."  Now, this may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but it comes from a child who complains a lot!  "Can you carry my jacket.  It bothers my arm."  "Hold this please.  It's heavy."  Etc, etc.  I gave him a big kiss for being great and told him that I was fine.  There was plenty of room.  What a great kid!

When we got home we did some bird watching
 (the nest is just under the roof.  Chris used a mirror to get a look at the pretty blue robin eggs) and then Chris and the boys set up a net that they got for Christmas.  It is pretty awesome and has been played with non-stop since we put it up.  

Now we are off to Harrison's t-ball game and then I am off to work.  Busy, wonderful Saturday! 

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