Monday, May 3, 2010


Our morning went great!  So far:

Annabelle is pulling up on EVERYTHING and keeping me on my toes.  She even thought it was a good idea to pull up on a flimsy play gym and then proceeded to fall and bump her nose (I was right there but missed catching her!  OOPS!)  She started to cry and Miles sprinted from the other room yelling "OH NO!  Annabelle is crying!  What is wrong!!!"  What a great big brother!

Bennett wore shorts!!!!  As of yet, he has not wore shorts because, and I quote "My knees will get cold."  I put them on this morning while he was very interested in the fact that I was allowing them to jump on the cushions before putting the covers back on.  About 2 hours later, while he was playing outside, he said "HEY!" glaring at me "Oh!" face change to realization "My knees are not cold."  And then he went on playing!  What a goof.

Miles was twirling this morning and Annabelle was totally belly laughing at him.  So funny!

We got the parachute out that Bennett got for his birthday and played campfire (Harrison named it).  We all sat under the parachute and giggled.  I have no idea why he called it campfire.
(Although he does watch NCIS with me and Tony is always calling campfires.  This means that everyone gets in a circle and discusses the case so far.)  Who knows!

Caden has a habit of repeating things that I or Bennett say.  Today he asked what was for lunch and I told him we were having mac and cheese.  He turned around and told Harrison (who had obviously heard me tell Caden) that we were having mac and cheese.  Harrison said "I know Caden!" in his most annoyed voice and Caden said, in his most innocent voice, "You know because I just told you."  Hysterical!

Hopefully they sleep until their parents get here.  I can't take anymore cuteness!  

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