Friday, May 28, 2010

Vanity in Pictures

Harrison has been obsessed with himself lately.  I know all kids go thru this stage and I know some people who have never outgrown this stage.  I often find him in the bathroom making different faces in the mirror.  It's very amusing to watch.  Although if he catches you watching too closely or laughing at him, he gets mad.  

He also loves to have his picture taken.  He is always saying, "Take my picture and send it to Dad."  "Take a picture of me doing this and send it to Grandpa."  This has led Bennett 'I do everything that Harrison does' Neipert to want to have his picture taken too.  Here are a few (a lot) from the past month.  Enjoy the cuteness!

"Freak on, freaky dude!"

Gene Simmons here I come.

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Meredith Wilcke said...

Those are hysterical!