Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life's Horrible

"Life's horrible!" said Harrison.  "I thought he was going to live forever."

Life cycles have been a big topic at our house as of late.  Specifically cicada life cycles.  We hear them in the trees and we see them all over the yard and tree.  Even on our walks around the neighborhood we seem to come home with 3 or 4 more shells each time.  We went online and learned that in their shells, cicada nymphs can live in the ground under the tree for up to 17 years.  We think the ones at our house live under the tree for 13 years.  Anyway, the boys are fascinated with them.  On more than one occasion we have sat outside and watch as the cicadas are 'born' out of their shells.  It is quite an amazing process.  This was happening a couple of weeks ago and we were messing around with the cicada a little too much and he fell off the tree.  I brought him up to the house to finish molting and then I took him back to the tree and set him up in the high crook I could reach.  We went about playing and then something caught both Harrison and my eye.  A robin.  At first I was too stunned to speak.  I mean, I realize it's natures way, but we had literally just watched the thing for almost an hour.  It was like part of the family!  Harrison was the first to speak.

"What happened?"  He was near tears.

"A robin just came and took the cicada away.  I think he is going to eat it or give it to it's babies to eat."  Honesty is the best policy.

"Life's horrible.  I thought he was going to live forever!"

Long silence...

"Is this a good word?"  said Harrison.  "Stinkin' robins!  Sometimes Daddy says 'Stinkin' Cubbies' so I thought it would be ok.  Is it ok?"

"Yes, Harrison.  It's ok."  I almost couldn't control myself.  What a kid!

Seriously, I love my life!

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