Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Harrison got new school shoes last night.  This shouldn't be that big of a deal, but Harrison and shoes are something out of horror film.  He is so picky and he is neurotic about how they feel.  His socks have to be just perfect and everything about the shoes has to be just right.  Mostly he goes around saying "They're not comfortable.  They're not comfortable."  I mostly want to strangle him when it comes to shoes. 

So we found a pair and today he is trying them out around the house.  This morning went fine and then he took the shoes and his socks off for quiet time.  I asked him why and his response was "Would YOU want to wear socks for the rest of YOUR life?!?!"  Seriously. strangling is an option for me.

We were ready to go outside this afternoon and we were getting his shoes and socks back on.  I put his shoe back on and one of the laces was stuck under his foot and as I was reaching down to get it, this is the conversation that followed:

"I was going to tell you my sock was bothering me."  said Harrison

"Everything bothers you.  I am learning to ignore it."  I said

"NOT everything bothers me!  You don't bother me!"  said Harrison

"Oh, well thank you."  I said but I was thinking, 'Give it more time!'

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