Thursday, August 20, 2009

No words

The question this morning was "Do I look girlie to you?"  Do you think I was the one to ask the question?  No, it wasn't me.  And, it wasn't even Chris. :)  It was Harrison.  After he asked the question I just looked at him with a blank stare on my face.  He then said "I mean, my hair.  Does it look girlie like this?"  As he said this he was fluffing his hair.  I continued to stare blankly at him and finally said 'no.'  I didn't have anything else to say.  And girlie!  Where did that come from?  I certainly don't use that word and no one has really ever accused me of being girlie.  I mean really.

THEN, not one minute later he comes back into the kitchen shivering, asking me to turn the hot air conditioning on.  More blank stares from me.  It's chilly this morning, but it's still 75 degrees in the house.  I finally said no, lets go put a sweat shirt on.  He is currently sitting at the dining room table with jeans, socks and a hooded sweatshirt on.  The hood is pulled up.  What a weirdo!

And of course, in the Neipert household, Bennett was not far behind.  He now has his sweatshirt on too!!!!

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