Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy week

Caden started this week.  I will try and post some pics.  He is wonderful and talks like a champ.  He turned 2 in June and his sentences rival most 3 year olds.  It's great!  He reminds me so much of Bennett.  He's got an infectious giggle and he is interested in many of the same things as Bennett.  They just might be two peas in a pod!

As with any new child care situation there have been a few tears, but overall he has been a real trooper.  I just happened to have Brogan and Declan here this week (father is a friend of mine - boys are 8 & 10) and Caden really latched onto Declan.  They played puzzles together and Caden sat and watched him play computer for almost an hour!  Way cute.

So I started the week out with 6 kids and I am ending the week with 2.  Just Miles and Caden tomorrow.  Harrison and Bennett went to stay at my parents house for the weekend and Brogan and Declan are headed to Michigan on vacation.  We went to the parade last night and the boys went home with my parents.  We will meet them at the fair on Sunday.  Three whole days without my boys.  I am THRILLED!!!!  And a little sad.  I have talked to my mom twice today already.  A little withdrawal is normal, people!  I am thrilled because Chris and I are going to the fair tonight, ALONE and I get to sleep in Saturday morning for as long as I want!  I will probably be up by 6:00 am and not be able to go back to sleep, but I am trying to think positively!  SLEEP!!!  Oh - and also, I am dragging Chris to see a country band tonight.  Trailer Choir.  Way white trash.  It should be great!

I do miss the boys, but I know my parents are thrilled and they are working on their deck and I told Harrison he got to use a power saw!  He doesn't, of course, get to use a power saw (they aren't even that far in the process) but I can't wait to hear my dad's explanation of why he doesn't get to use a saw!  "Mommy told me I could!"  Too funny!

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