Sunday, August 9, 2009

Random sentences

Bennett started talking in random sentences today.  He's an ok talker.  I would say he is just about average for his age.  But regardless of how toddlers speak, it is amazing how you can notice when then enhance their abilities.  Today he was asking me if he could put his shoes on.  "Shoes on?"  I said fine, go get them.  He came back and he couldn't find them.  Normally this would have provoked an "Come here" and a grab of my hand.  Today his response was "I can't find them."  I was a little shocked.  Where did that come from!  So we started looking for the shoes.

He also is learning to express his feelings with more complex sentences.  "HURT!" is now "My toe hurts, Mommy." or "I'm ok.  I just fell."  It is precious.  

Harrison of course has always been a talker so when I got upset yesterday and dropped the f-bomb about 5 times (not at the children - just with them in the room) I thought I was on for a world of hurt.  But so for, so good.  I am crossing my fingers that I don't hear "What the f*$^ is this?  I don't like peas!" at the dinner table any time soon.

Signed ~ Super Mom

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