Friday, September 25, 2009

Party issues

I love to share about my kids and most of my life on my blog, but there are some things I like to keep hidden.  Not everyone has to know about everything, right?!?!  Anyway, I am beginning to realize that Harrison is a lot more like me than I first suspected or want to admit.  I am starting to get nervous...  He doesn't like to miss things, he is sensitive about getting yelled at or disappointing people, and he has some anger issues, but of course those aren't like me at all.  There are several other things, but some things I will keep to myself! :)

Harrison received his first birthday invitation in the mail this week.  We have gone to other kids birthday parties (Brody's!) but this will be the first where we drop him off and leave and then come back to get him after the festivities are over.  Now, that being said, we haven't exactly told him this, but he has already decided he doesn't want to go.  I am beyond confused.  He says that he won't know anyone there (it is a boy from his class that he has known for 2 years AND there will be other kids from his class), he won't have any fun, he will miss out on what is going on at home and he wants to watch cartoons.  WHAT?  Cartoons instead of cake?  Priorities Harrison!  This isn't like me at all!  We have DVR!  You can do both!  We have  talked and talked about this and I am still unsure of the right way to go.  Do I make him go even though he doesn't want to?  It's not like he doesn't like the child.  He and his mom take him to and from school everyday and they have Sunday School together.  They are really good friends.  I hate the thought of making him do something that he doesn't want to do.  This isn't like getting a flu shot (which he was none to excited about a couple weeks ago!).  But at the same time, I don't want him to become so much of a homebody that he never leaves the house, doesn't get a job and ends up living with me until I force him to the curb at age 50!  These are extreme situations!  What to do!!!!  So at dinner a couple of nights ago, I suggested that maybe we wouldn't go to the party but we would still buy Johnny a birthday present.  That was a huge no.  How could he pick something when he wanted all the toys for himself?  I realize this is slightly age appropriate to have such selfish feelings, but still, this almost put me over the edge.  In a moment of semi-poor judgement I threw up my hands and said "Fine, you won't go the the party, you won't get cake and ice cream and you won't play games with friends!"  Like it had been rehearsed, Bennett pipes up "I go to birt-day party!"  I had to leave the table.  

Still no real concrete decision has been made on the party, but I am leaning toward going.  We are going shopping for a present on Sunday and hopefully that will get him excited.  I told him that he could bring his birthday list along and we could jot down notes of things he likes (he already has a birthday list!!!).  And then we will try the party and I will hang out of a little while before I leave.  I am not making him, just pushing him gently.  Of all the dumb parent decisions to obsess over!  Geez!

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