Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maquoketa Caves

A few weekends ago (July some time) we went back to Davenport for a visit.  First on the agenda was watching my brother-in-law race.  He participates on off road bike racing (FORC) and really does well in the races that he enters.  This particular race was held at Scott County Park so we drove out to watch the excitement.  Not really that exciting!  Since it's an off road course you don't get to see the racers very often.  In this case I think it was about 7 laps and so we got to see Ryan seven times!  He was in second place for about three laps and then he creamed the field!   I think he won by almost 45 seconds.  It was very cool!
Gma entertaining the boys while we couldn't see Ryan.
Nice face, Harrison!

Too cute!!!!

Sweet picture of Aunt Kaylee and Bennett at dinner!  Great ribs in East Moline!

The next day we were off to the Maquoketa Caves.  I have been wanting to go to the Caves all summer.  Bennett is finally old enough to not be carried and I knew Harrison would have a great time.  And it was a great time (except I forgot my shoes in Des Moines so I had to wear flip flops!  Luckily they are like an extension of my feet!!!).  Anyway, it was fun.  We went through almost all of the caves, climbed up non-steep cliffs, waded through VERY cold water, climbed on fallen trees and then feasted on smore's after a very nice picnic.  And the weather was fall like considering it was July.  

Me, Harrison and Kaylee in a VERY tiny cave. 

The only bat we saw all day!

Mountain goats!  (Gpa and Harrison)

I should have zoomed out.  They were on a ledge that was pretty cool.  Bennett was thinking maybe this wasn't the place to be!

Great views everywhere!

Nice face, Bennett!!!

After that we had some time to catch the end of Ryan's second race so back to Scott County Park we went.  This was a much longer race and Ryan was actually in a tight race with 2 other guys.  He ended up 3rd but we were all very proud of him!  

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