Friday, October 30, 2009


I had put the monitors away awhile ago.  I think about the time Miles started taking only one nap.  Anyway, I have gotten them back out for our precious Belle and they have been a source of daily entertainment for me.  When Annabelle wakes up and Bennett hears her on the monitor, he goes over to listen.  Sometimes he says "It's ok baby Annabelle." and just yesterday I caught Bennett and Caden standing in front of the monitor with their finger in front of their mouths going "Shhhh!  Shhhh!  Calm down, Annabelle." I am sure they don't know that she can't hear them and I am in no hurry to explain this.  It was hysterical!

When Annabelle and Bennett are in their at the same time, it is fun to listen to Bennett.  He talks to himself forever before falling asleep.  "I like water."  "Daddy, I love you!"  "I want chicken."  I like rice."  Very bizarre and very funny!  We have recently had an issue with Douglas and biting.  Two or three times, Bennett has come up to me, crying, saying that Douglas has bit him (he's a blanket dog, remember!).  The first time Bennett told me this I played along real well and 'talked' to Douglas about using words.  The second time Bennett told me this he decided to take matters into his own hands.  He yelled "NO BITING, Douglas!" and then he smacked him right in the head!  I was horrified!  We didn't cover hitting Douglas in our last talk about biting!  Then I had to have a talk with Bennett about using our words!  So on Monday I wasn't terribly surprised to hear this over the monitor:  "Owww!!  NO biting, Douglas!  I use my words and you NO bite!"  

I'm just so proud.

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