Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Caden:  "Harrison.  Harrison.  Harrison!  What's that?"

Harrison:  "What's what?"

Me:  silently giggling - I mean, 'What's what?'!  That is not a 4 year old phrase!

Caden:  "Those.  Up there.  Those."

Harrison:  "Oh.  That.  Those are wires.  And if you get a REALLY tall ladder you can climb up and touch those wires.  But (pause) then you die.  Do you want to die, Caden?"

Caden: "Oh.  Ummmmm.  No."

Harrison:  "Well, you could wear special gloves.  I mean there are guys that touch those wires all the time but they wear special gloves.  I'm not so sure why they touch the wires.  MOM!!!"

Me:  "Yes."

Harrison:  "You know those wires up in the sky?  Why do guys touch them?  I mean, why?"

Me:  "Sometimes they need fixed or tightened so they don't fall down."

Harrison:  "Oh.  See Caden?  Do you have any more questions?"

Caden:  "Oh.  No.  Thank you."

Bennett:  "PLANE!!!!!" (pointing up in the air)

This is about the exact conversation that was had in the van this morning on the way home from the library.  I hope that Caden's parents appreciate the education that he gets at my house.  It doesn't get any better than 'Do you want to die, Caden?'  I mean, really.  I love these kids!

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