Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghost feet

Another day in paradise here at the Neipert ranch.  Bennett got an ear infection this weekend so Saturday night was a blast for us.  He has had a small runny nose since Tuesday, and a slight temp Wednesday before nap, but no other signs.  My parents were here for dinner Saturday evening and Bennett was in perfect health.  So when he woke up around midnight screaming and crying and sticking his finger in his ear, I was a little shocked.    He and Chris spent the night in the living room on couch cushions arranged on the floor until 7:00 am when Bennett repeated the screaming, crying and sticking his finger in his ear (Harrison was not impressed with the couch cushions.  He seemed to think that looked like fun and he missed out!).  I gave Bennett some more medicine and stuck him in bed with me.  How I fell asleep, I do not know, but when I woke up at 8:30 am I knew my day was shot.  Not only was I missing church, but I would spend almost 2 hours in the walk-in clinic before going home to leave again for work.  Yeah!  What a weekend!  Regardless, Bennett is fine.  It is amazing what antibiotics will do.

Miles and Annabelle stayed home today as they are running fevers with their new found runny noses.  (I guess Bennett likes to share!)  So it was just the three boys today.  We did some drawing and made some funny ghosts with our feet.  Harrison went first and as I painted his feet Caden started to look terrified.  Harrison was being a little dramatic and funny and saying the it was scary!  Caden decided that he wanted nothing to do with scary!  So next went Bennett who laughed the entire time.  "It tickles!  I tickles!"  This was the turn around that Caden needed and then he decided to give it a try.  He giggled as I tickled his feet with the paint as well!  It was too cute!

Overall great day, now off to work!

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