Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Living History Farms

I have to work on Friday night (Beggar's Night) so we went over to Living History Farms tonight so I wouldn't miss out on all of the trick-or-treat fun.

Harrison was a skeleton and got a lot of "That candy is going to fall right through your bones!  HAHAHA" from all of the volunteers.   He had no idea what to think of that so he just basically ignored it and went right for the candy!

Bennett was a baseball player and very proud of himself.  He HAD to carry a bat, ball, and glove.  After 2 minutes, Mom and Dad were carrying a bat, ball and glove!  Go figure!  

He is the slowest child I know!  Look how far in front Harrison is!  And Harrison wasn't really running!

"Horses pulled me on a wagon!"  ~ Bennett  

Harrison thought it was really cool that the gazebo was dressed up like a witch!

Oh my!  What a big pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!

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