Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sandpaper Pumpkins

I saw this totally cute craft the other day at No Time for Flash Cards and I knew the boys would love it!  Since it involved finger painting and Annabelle was at her 8 week well baby appointment, we decided to get messy!  And what fun it was!

Harrison has recently been paying attention to a lot of details in his art and drawing.  He is staying in the lines and taking his time.  And he has been very proud of his accomplishments.  I didn't push this on him as I wanted him to discover his own style of art, but I am a little happy that he has stopped scribbling on everything and saying he CAN'T draw!  

Miles had a ball with the finger painting.  It was so cute watching him paint and then rub his hands together.  He loved looking at his fingers while rubbing them together.  I love when a sensory activity comes together!

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