Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

I am a huge Twilight fan.  Enough said.

Harrison was watching the Today Show with me this morning and Taylor 'sooooooo cute' Lautner was on.  They were doing a preview of the movie and now Harrison is in love.  He HAS to go see the movie. 

"MOM!  He changed into a WOLF!  How did he do that?  Is he going to turn into a wolf in front of Matt (Lauer)?  Why did the other guy change into a wolf?  Why did he want to hurt Bella?  Will Jacob protect Bella or will the wolf hurt her?  MOM!  What else changes into wolves?"

We have been talking New Moon for the last 2 hours and I am getting tired of it.  And I never thought I would get tired of talking about the Twilight series!  It's just that Harrison can not get through his head that it is a story and not real!  We have been through this before with other shows and movies, but I think this is the first one he really wishes was real.  I guess I have to agree.  But I don't just wish.  I know Edward is real and he is coming for me.  We are in love.  Sweet, sweet, romantic, everlasting love...  Ahhhhhhhh...

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