Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beautiful Bennett

Someday Bennett will be upset that I call him beautiful, but for now, that is just the way it is!  I just think his features are so delicate and perfect!  What can I say, I'm his mom!!!

Bennett continues his slapstick ways.  He is always finding a way to look a funny way or make a funny sound just to get a laugh out of somebody.  He also loves to laugh.  it probably isn't very nice or very good parenting, but sometimes when Bennett is mad about something Chris and/or I will tease him or tickle him.  He then goes from having a great big scowl on his face to a giggling laugh and then back again.  He tries to be mad even more that we are making him laugh, but that just makes him laugh again.  So funny to watch!  Bennett never really went through the terrible two's.  He had his moments, but for the most part he was a pretty happy boy.  (UPDATE:  I was watching Miles throw a fit and thrash himself around this morning and it reminded me of Bennett's head-banging days.  Oh the memories that we try to repress!!!)  Recently he has decided that now is the time to express his distaste with certain aspects of our parenting.  Such as - time to take a nap.  He goes to bed just fine.  Then he has to get up to tell me something.  Back to bed.  Up to ask me to kiss his finger.  Back to bed.  Up to get some more water.  Mom has had enough and says no.  Bennett chooses this time to scream at the tops of his lungs.  Little things like this happen through out the day.  Recently he has had to sit down for 2 minutes if he screams at Mommy.  This has helped tremendously, but has introduced the cutest little 'cross arms around chest and stick out bottom lip'  that I have ever seen.  Chris actually saw him do this the other day and couldn't help but laugh, which in turn made Bennett laugh.  He then scowled and crossed his arms again, but there was still a little smirk in his eyes! 

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