Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waaaay back

I sing name songs to the kids.  My parents started this back when Harrison was 1 or 2.  I don't know the tune that Harrison's name song goes to, but it is pretty basic: H-A-double R-I(pause)-S-O-N spells Harrison!  Bennett's is basically the same except we say all of the letters instead of saying double N.  It took Harrison forever to realize that he had 2 R's in his name not a "double R" in his name!

Anyway, Miles and Caden's names are sung to the tune of Bingo.  So today when I was singing Miles his song, Harrison commented that everyone had a song but him.  I looked at him funny and told him that he had the first name song.  He looked perplexed but then realized that this was the truth.  His next statement made me laugh and realize how hard he is trying to understand time frames.  "Oh!  Yeah!  That was like back in the 40's.  It was the 40's, right?"  I laughed and told him no, it was not, but that was funny.  We discussed when it actually was and he giggled and we moved on.  What a funny kid!

Harrison has seriously been obsessed with the year change.  He is constantly referring back to 2009 like it was another era.  "Mom, back in 2009, do you remember..."  Things like this are always coming out of his mouth.  I got a calendar and put it on the wall and hopefully we will be able to put everything in perspective for him.

I still don't know where the 40's came from!

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